23 November 2015


most of you may know that petie and I started a youtube channel called mind the gap and a good amount of you are keeping up with all the videos, but I figured that some of you may not get on youtube all that often or maybe you aren't able to subscribe and so I wanted to put some of the latest favourites for you guys to catch up on! after petie arrived, we decided to do some fantastically crazy videos including but not limited to singing, bloopers, favourites, travelling, and sketches (I'm actually fairly certain that we're insane.). so catch up on these bonkers videos and tell me which is your favourite in the comments below!

have a fantastic week and oh! if you haven't already, don't forget to subscribe, like, and share, coz the more of you there are, the more fun we can have with these videos! and if you have any ideas or questions or thoughts, then get busy on your dang keyboard and let us know either in the comments or by email or by pigeon (pigeon post is my favourite, so if you could do that, then I'd prefer it).

love you all!


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  1. My two favorites so far that you guys have done are episodes fifteen and seventeen!!!! Your cover of "Captain" was so beautiful. And the "battle of the nations" was hilarious!!! haha


  2. I loved today's episode. So relatable. XD


  3. i [friend]ship you two so hard.

  4. *scouts around for poor unsuspecting pigeon.*
    Hello Pigeons... :-)
    *Borrows pigeon and attaches message*
    Send this to Jess M in England

    "Wow Jess and Petie, I have loved each of your episodes so far! Don't stop! Since i'm such a stationery addict the one on Manchester and Paperchase was amazing =D Also the travel on Jerusalem was just .. just ok I teared up a bit. Number 10 you had me fooled for ages till the end. I love them all, especially the one where you talked about your faith! Oh and maybe give this bird a rest and some water.. its a long way from Australia.
    *throws bird into sky*
    FLY FLEANCE FLY (if you got that reference from Macbeth wow! =D)

  5. Haha, I greatly enjoyed the last episode (but duh, when do I not!) and I really can't choose which one is better. I can relate to both. :P
    For the whole tea part, I'd have to side with Petie. :P
    I'd probably also drive more than walk to places, because we're in the middle of nowhere and can't exactly walk somewhere that is a proper destination, haha.
    Oh wow, for portion size I'd definitely side with Jess. ;)
    And yeah, I don't think I'm quite that hysteric while watching movies. :P
    Um....yeah, I'd get sick of rain.
    Haha, I'd be guilty of asking "You alright?" quite a lot. So yeah....it's the British side coming out of me? (I AM Australian! Although sometimes I wonder if I'm part American....)
    I "do" feet. A lot. ;)
    I'm a bit of both. But probably give hugs more than not enjoy them. ;D
    Can't wait for the Q + A! :D
    ~Miss Meg March