jess mcghie

18 November 2016


I met kari and caleb through instagram about a year ago, after seeing all their crazy talent and probably commenting way too many times (bless them, they're the nicest). I got the chance to meet them in london when they were visiting from their new home in france and basically, they are two of the coolest humans on the planet. they're an international photographer team based in strasbourg (which is now one of my favourite places on earth), running cottonwood studios and they're also completely bonkers, which is another reason why I love them so much. they came to stay for a few days and after curries and crazy theories and exploring wales and bacon and the best conversations, we ended with a photoshoot in manchester city. when these two are together, it's like the cheese and cracker combo. on it's own, cheese is amazing, and same goes for crackers. but together? they're made to be! so anyway, I hope you've enjoyed these pictures of these two beautiful souls and make sure you go check them out on instagram and facebook (I'll put all their links below!)! 

love you all!


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