jess mcghie

26 October 2016


"have I gone mad?"
"I'm afraid so. but let me tell you, the best people usually are."
(lewi carroll)

these guys are mad, crazy, beautiful, busy, loud, hilarious, stylin and just darn adorable. I love taking yearly family photos of them, coz every year the kiddies grow so much and also, I've come to realise while editing these photos that they all seem to wear stripes a lot (laughing emoji). I've come to realise another thing, too: I love doing indoor sessions. like, a lot. taking pictures of a family inside their home, where it's cosy and homely and the kids love being best - all the fun and definitely one of my favourite kind of shoots! anyway, I'll stop rambling now and leave you to your day/coffee/tea/fried chicken/burritos/chocolate. hope you've enjoyed these images of this adorable family and I can't wait to blog more of the shoots I've done recently! if you're interested in a family, couples or portrait session before christmas, email me or contact me here before I get booked up!

love you all!


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