twenty years old.
social media manager.
photographer of people.
world explorer.
briwi (british kiwi).
wearing pjs right now.

I'm jess. international lifestyle + wedding photographer. social media manager. new zealander. oddity extraordinaire. eater of sour candy. blueberry and grape monster. queen of laughter and 80 years old at heart. everything I am and have is because of my amazing saviour, Jesus. He is my everything and my life is completely and utterly His + I could burst for joy just knowing how great His love is. I live in england and england is cold. and wet and cold. I'm slightly (ok, a lot) odd and crazy and I talk a lot. I love coffee. no, really. I take it very seriously. it's like soul juice. my dream is to travel the world, seeing as much as I can, photographing everything, while meeting new people + trying new food. I love sunshine. because sunshine is happy juice. apparently everything is like a juice. did I mention I love coffee? please introduce yourself! I'd love to get to know you. best way to get my attention is to tell me that you've set up a date for me and richard armitage. or you could just say hi.