20 November 2010

I Love...

I had this idea. Coz you all know that I do love ideas. Anyway, it's not that exciting!
I decided to do a "I love" post. I got the idea off HorseFeathers, don't worry, I asked if I could steal it first!
So this post if a list of stuff I love, and then comment/make a blog post and tell me what YOU love!
Here goes:-)

I Love...
The Canon Rebel EOS T2i. It is so pretty! But I also love the Canon 50D (shhhhh! Don't tell anybody! lol).
It is a good size, great megapixels, changeable lens...and obviously, its a DSLR. Just soak it up peeps.

I Love...
Thornton's Chocolates. Not Mr. Thornton's chocolates! Thornton's Chocolates are really good--they are an English brand--and though I am still, and always will be, loyal to Cadburys, Thornton's Speciality Chocolate box is A-M-A-Zing.

I Love...
Red Lipstick. Yup, it's my one weakness. It looks so vintage! And it looks great on so many people; me and my friend went out to town the other day and bought some oh-so-fun-red-lipstick and it is so fabulous to play around with--we plan on doing a photo shoot and maybe you'll see the fantastic red-lipstick soon!

I Love...
MaxFactor Mascara. Yup. When it comes to drugstore make-up, I think that all the brands do so super well with mascara, but MaxFactor is great. Especially the one with this kind of wand:
Well...maybe  not as long as that. But see how the brush looks? I don't like those big, thick brushes on mascara; they clump up your lashes and make them look...goopy. Is that even a word?? 

I Love...
Photoshop Elements 7. Doesn't get much better than that!
Were you thinking that I had photoshop Elements? Well, I don't. I have the 30 day trial version--to see what it's like. And it's great. I love it and I am having so much fun!

Well, I think I've done enough loves for now, don't you? I can't wait to know what your "loves" are!
If you haven't already, go and check out Capturing Creation and enter the photo challenge! The deadline for this week's photo challenge is Tuesday. 
Au Revoir Mes Amis! 


  1. Cool! :)

    That camera looks sooo neat! Wish I could get that for Christmas! :)

  2. I LOVE the Canon T2i! I can't wait to buy it!
    Chocolate is super good! For me, I like Lindt 70% Cacao...no dairy. :)
    I love this post idea! :)

  3. Hooray for red lipstick! Definitely looking forward to seeing the results of the photoshoot. :)

  4. So.. I CAN do this "things I love" thing on my blog too? Just making sure!

  5. preach it sister!!!! DSLR (I have to disagree with the Canon...but hey, Canon's better than if you said Olympus or Sony), CHOCOLATE (Okay what girl DOESN'T LOVE chocolate?? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!), RED LIPSTICK! Yes, perfect for photoshoots! And I found another great one I'll have to tell you about,
    As for Mascara, I have to just clump that into the category "makeup" and keep that as my love!, And last, but not least, PHOTOSHOP!!! Okay, but for me, slight different, toodles Elements 7, bring it on CS5!!!!!! I love Photoshop CS5!!! But sadly, no chance of me getting it...not spending that much on Photoshop as much as I do love it!
    But all in all, I have to pretty much agree with everything (within reason)! But I guess what girl doesn't love every single one of these? Well, I guess not ALL love photography (but the cool ones do! ;) LOL!)
    Cool post nzkiwigirl!