6 December 2010

BBC Cranford

BBC Cranford TV mini-series 2007.

This TV mini-series period drama was put out by BBC and may I say, put out very well. This is one of my all-time-favourites! Some say it is long and nothing happens, but I adore it.
This drama is literally overflowing with star actors/actresses: Judi Dench, Julia McKenzie, Imelda Staunton, Julia Sawalha, Francesca Annis, Simon Woods...the list is endless. They all act superbly and make you feel as though you really were in Cranford all along, and also, the filming is absolutely brilliant.
The story follows a young lady, Miss Mary Smith, as she arrives at Cranford--which is set in England in the 1800's--to visit her relatives, Miss Deborah and Miss Matty. She is swept into the little village’s captivating mannerisms, intrigues, and people and we, along with Miss Smith are introduced to some of the finest neighbours in town.

“You must gird your loins. It is all go in Cranford.” Miss Matty Jenkyns

From the vivacious and all-knowing Miss Pole, to the gentle and compassionate Mrs. Foster, to the rich and widowed Mrs. Jamieson, and to the new, handsome and modern Doctor Harrison.

“You don’t know the meaning of novelty until you hear me speak.
...A new, young Doctor is coming to live in our midst, and Dr. Morgan has arranged a house for him and will be kept by a widow who will not arrive for a fortnight who was married to another Doctor and knows all about disease and surgery. So, what do you think to all of that?!” Miss Pole (said without even taking a breath too!)

Some scenes show blood and rather dramatic wounds, so perhaps younger children might have to close their eyes. The dresses are all modest, there is no sexual content only kissing in very few and small parts of the film, and the language is good.

“I would prefer it if I did not enjoy oranges. Consuming them is a most incommodious business.” Miss Deborah Jenkyns

This story is a classical one, encompassing all aspects from compassion to disloyalty, from death to life, from old to young and from tradition to modernity. There are some great Christian characteristics too, Miss Deborah (after much disagreement!) shows loyalty and mercy, Miss Matty shows love and grace to everyone, and all of the Cranford Ladies show such love and friendship to each other, that even if you didn't like the film, that would be worth learning from!
This is a great movie! 

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  1. I love this series SO much. Have you seen "Return to Cranford"? It was wonderful, too.