23 April 2011


This film is truly awesome.
I simply love it.

"Oh, Minion, you fantastic-fish-you!"

Evil super-villain vs. good super-hero.
Mind vs. powers.
"Girls, girls! You're both pretty, can I go home now?
Oooh, ooh, can someone stamp my frequent kidnapping card?"
"You and I both know that particular promotion was discontinued."

But when Good disappears and Evil has no one to fight, what must one do?
"This town isn't big enough for two super-villains."
"Oh, you're a villain all right, just not a super one!"
"Yeah? What's the difference?"

One must make a new Super-hero! 

Will Ferrell was born to play the voice of MegaMind and Tina Fey is perfect for Roxanne.
I am majorly in love with MegaMind--if anyone finds an evil villain like him with a giant, blue head and bright, green eyes, then please send him to me!
There is no bad language or anything to worry about in this film, which is so nice.
There are stupid parts and funny parts, there are cute parts and mean parts; overall a great family film.

It would kinda be hard to pick anything Christian from this film, apart from the bad vs. good. But it is just an enjoyable film, which you don't have to worry about fast-fowarding or anything.
If you do watch it (or have watched it), tell me what you think about it!

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