29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

Today, as many of you know, was the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton.
It was a very grand affair, and the biggest Royal event since Princess Diana's Funeral in 1997.

Kate looked naturally beautiful and William looked very dignified in his uniform.
As Kate walked up the isle, she wore a very convincing smile of confidence, but if you looked at her hand, you could see how tightly she was holding onto her Daddy's fingers.

How scary to have the world watch your wedding.

They both carried off every word, step and smile with ease and the wedding was more pleasingly simple than the usual Royal event.

After "waving" on the Balcony, they went to the Wedding Reception and then away they went in their lil' 
Aston Martin Volante.
 With 5 billion people watching their big day, I think it was a pretty good attendance;-) 

Congrats to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!


  1. I bet it was an interesting event to watch (I didn't watch it). You live in London, right?
    Were you at or near the wedding?
    Hm, someone said they were in London (at least I think it was London) once and they met a girl walking around with her brother they thought looked like Hayley Westenra, so they asked her "Are you Hayley Westenra?" and she was...so I suppose there's a slight chance you might meet her or get to go to one of her concerts sometime since she lives in London. :)
    Or have you already?

  2. Nice post Jeddy. We didn't watch the wedding coz we had about 30 guests for Mum's birthday. Wow, I didn't know you lived in London Lol :)

    Have an awesome day,

  3. Oh my word. I am IN LOVE with her dress! She is so beautiful and she looks so genuinely happy. And of course, you can't go wrong with a uniform.