4 May 2011

the abc's of ella moi!

Jocee from the Cupcake Dictionary did this tag on her blog and I liked it so much I thought I would do it!

16. Is it just me, or does that sound better than 15?
Bed size:

Chore you hate: 
Cleaning the shower. Boy, that chore just gets worse and worse.
Used to have one. Now we just feed the scraps to my brother.

Essential start of your day:
Favorite color: 
Blue, yellow, green.

Gold or silver: 
Silver, gold, what are they when there are diamonds?!
5'4. Yeah. I'm short. *sob*

Instruments I play (or have played): 
Guitar and piano. But neither very well. 
Job title: 
Photographer? Yours Truly. Delegator of Tasks;-)

I have none, thank goodness. 
Sunny ol' England. I wish I could say sunny ol' New Zealand, because then that statement would be true.
It is sunny in New Zealand.

Mom's name:
Jeddy, JJ, Jesspa (don't even ask me), Jessills (don't go there either), Jed, Jessy, Miss Jessy...

Pet peeve: 
People putting plastic bags in a sink full of water. 
Being poked in the ribs.
I simply cannot, cannot wear odd socks. Even to bed. No way.
Quote from a movie:

Megamind: [disguised as Bernard] "Roxanne...?"
Roxanne Ritchi: "Yes?"
Megamind: "Say I wasn't so normal... Say I was bald and had the complexion of a popular primary color - in a random, non-specific example... Would you still enjoy my company?" 
Roxanne Ritchi: "Of course! You don't judge a book by its cover or a person by the outside."
Megamind: "Oh! That's a relief to hear!"
Roxanne Ritchi: "You judge them by their actions." 
Megamind: "...Well that seems kinda petty, don't you think?" 

Right or left handed: 
Right! I can write with my left hand though.
I have three. Damien, Beth and Em. All older than me and all amazing! I'm not just saying that either.

Time you wake up: 
It fluctuates between 7:30am-8:30am. Sometimes, if I'm tired (or naughty, depends on how you look at it) it'll be 9am.
Where are we going with this? 

Vegetables you dislike:
Cabbage. I love every other vegetable, but cabbage. I even love brussel sprouts! 
What makes you run late: 
Making sure I have enough jackets/coats/warm things. I always make sure I'm prepared for cold! 
I hate being cold. Really.

X-rays you've had done: 
None? I think.
Yummy food you make:
Ha! I don't make yummy food. I don't really bake/cook; it's probably providential to keep me away from the kitchen.
Ask my sister to make you something instead, she'll exceed your expectations! 
Zoo animal: 
My nephew, he's a monkey. 

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  1. Wait, so you're saying you live in ENGLAND?!?!? As in, like, you have an accent?!?!?!? I ADORE you now! Seriously, you're just about a kagillion steps closer than meeting the Pevensies, and I bet you saw Kate Middleton before (okay, maybe I'm getting a little crazy) but still!! How awesome is that?!!?
    Great tag :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. Oh you had me cracking up there when you said you feed the scraps to your brother :D They're like rubbish bins...
    I love reading these things.
    P.S. Don't feel too short...I'm only 5'5" :)

  3. Haha! Oh I hate being poked. Period. I don't care where, I just HATE it!!!! And I'm 5'4 too, so we can be short togehter!!! Like my momma always says, 'Short people are cuter and can wear more'. hehe!!!! :)

  4. Okay, in response to your comment on my custom blog background tutorial:

    I used the simple Minima for the background pictured in the tutorial. As I say for all my tutorials, they may work with other templates but minima is my tested and true for them all. In other words, other templates may work but minima does for sure. It seems like you have one of the new template designer templates...I would recommend switching to minima (instructions for that TBW) before trying the tutorial but it may work. I have very little experience with template designer so I can't really help you for then that.

    Wow, this is kinda long. :) Hope it answered your question!