19 May 2011

Runaway Rambles

And so I ramble. 

Post through the door...what happened to good old post-boxes? I miss them!

This is our back garden at the moment. Full of tools, wheel-barrows, work tables, nail guns, tape measures....
I have come to appreciate them. In fact, I rather like them. But not all over the kitchen bench top.
No way.

I have seen today the first bit of sun we've had in days. Someone please tell me of summer bliss, idle evenings, sunny days, bright blue skies, and open windows.

My sister took this picture; we call her the Animal Whisperer, she always seems to be able to get really close to any animal. Not fair.
I need to write some more MLM...have you entered the photo contest yet? I am needing some people to do a photo session with...someone help me out here; where oh where is the warm weather?
Me and Dean Martin are totally best friends, and the dog next door is sweeter than apple pie.
And I love spinach.
See? My mind is going in so many different directions: literally running away.
Talk about scatter-brained.

Don't forget to enter the Beauty Photo Contest before Tuesday!


  1. These are great photos! :) I love em!!!!

  2. I'm so impressed your sis got this close to a fox. How beautiful! ps, you have a beautiful blog!

  3. whoa! you're photos are just so amazing!

  4. Neat pictures!!