23 May 2011

To Scavenge, Scripture and Challenge.

I didn't mean to make that rhyme.
All of these pictures I took yesterday, coz I wanted them to be new and fresh!

1. My Passion
Aside from God, people are my passion. I was going to do photography, but I thought I'd do something a little different. I was SO annoyed with the over-exposed bit at the top. SO annoyed.

2. Sound of Music
...is the sound of laughter.
That is my favourite kind of music.

3. Inner Beauty
She is so beautiful on the outside, but inside she is just as beautiful and also a LOT of fun!
Love you A!

4. Ethereal
I don't know about ethereal, but this sure is gangsta!

5. Sharp
*giggle* *chortle* *sigh*
this lil friend of mine is so stinkin cute. 

Scripture & Snapshot

Hurry and enter with your beautiful pictures!!! 
I've extended the closing date, so make sure you get on in there!
beauty photo contest and prize


  1. I really like all of these pictures :) So fun!

  2. Love the ethereal gangsta. Your family is beautiful and fun seems to be all over you.
    Nice job

  3. You so rocked these out - I absolutely love them all but I"m really loving your last two shots.

  4. Great shots! Love the squirrel!

  5. love the Inner Beauty shot. And what you call ganster makes me giggle. I work with youth in gangs and have been exposed to way too much!

  6. Love the inner beauty shot--great sun flare! The squirrel is awesome too!

  7. I love your scripture snapshot! What a beautiful verse, and I can feel it's true in your photo. :)

  8. Your portraits are beautiful Jess - getting better and better. In the bottom one they all look so relaxed and peaceful. Miss you all!!

  9. Those are SO AMAZING!!!!!!!! How come everyone around you is SO AWESOME, photogetic and cute????? Not. Fair.