6 June 2011

behold, here's poison

Ok, so the title was a little dramatic.

But then, so it that expression.
Oh the drama.

The look was inspired by a book cover of a murder mystery.
Behold, Here's Poison

I had a hard job stopping myself from laughing. In between all these evil looks, me and my sister were being completely ridiculous.

I didn't know that sinister looks could bring on so much giggling.

Just plain old laughing.

Laughing is good.

But shooting a few cold, foreboding, and quelling looks at the camera can be seriously good for the old facial expression practice.
Especially the raised eyebrow.

I'm not sure how strawberries figure into it all, but they do.

How has your Monday been? 
Had any laugh out loud moments?

P.S.  99  102 Followers???
You guys are totally way too good to me.
And 110 120 entries in the giveaway??
You are legendary.


  1. Wow, that was AMAZING!!!! What a stunning shoot! <3

    Also, this is for you! Love you, gorgeous girl!

  2. Pretty good, went to a park and did some posting.
    We met some friends at the park and my sibs and the friend were having a water bottle battle and my brother kept dropping his water bottle.It was very funny.And the Mom is just hilarious.And so sweet, she is driving with my Mom down to Georgia so my Mom can visit with her friend whose father died in a car accident.Me and my sibs get to go to grandma's.Ice Cream here I come :)
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥

  3. P.S. Love the hair and lips!And the look, very dramatic!Sierra Keep Growing Beautiful♥

  4. Haha!! Oh Jess that is brilliant...not surprised you had a hard time keeping a straight face :P I wondered whether you'd been reading GH when I saw the title.

  5. I forgot if you told me already (you probably did, but I forget lots of things), but does your sister really like being your primary model, or do you have to drag her out? I assume it's the former. :)

    Nice light and editing with these, Jess.

    Did you notice that you wrote "behold, here's posion" for the title of this post? When I first saw the name, I thought it was something like your sister dressing up as Poseidon (I know, I'd gotten it mixed up). :)

  6. Those are some epic pictures girl!
    I like em'!

  7. Oh my gosh...those pictures are AWESOME!!! Did you take those? Wow! Wow! Wow! Beautiful!

    Okay enough with the gushing...lol! But those really are amazing:) And my Monday...well, it went pretty good:) Gotta good laugh out of chasing my friend with a spider...*evil grin* But thats what friends are for though, ya know;)Haha!
    Loved this post<3

  8. STUNNING photos!@ I love the last pic best. Were you the model or the photographer? Or both?

  9. THOSE ARE SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!
    My Monday was fine haha :) Spanish classes where I was laughed at and then cleaning... so fun! But I did get buy one get one free Ben and Jerry's ice cream!!!!!!

  10. Oh the role play is just awesome :) she's a good model Jess - but it's the photographer that captures those great moments.

  11. Wow, wow, that was REALLY great!!!! What a beautiful shoots! AMAZING!!
    You have an amazing blog and wonderful work!
    Love it :)
    Poverty Poems

  12. Gorgeous shots! :)

    For your question, I own a Nikon D3100. What model do you have?

  13. Haha LOL I love these Jess;) So pretty!;)
    Great job! Love the first one, so sharp and clear;)