14 June 2011

just the sun, my camera, and me

That's how my day was today.
Just the sun, my camera, and me

The sun shone happily down on me and I beamed devotedly back.
Me and the sun, we are like this:
Close as.

The long grass waved lazily at me and I waved blithely back.
The grass was sleek and shimmering, me, I was obliviously walking through it with a messy bun, gumboots, and an old shirt.

The twisted and disorderly fences whispered to me of the secrets it held. The history it had seen.
I, in my wishful musings, imagined clandestine meetings, a cold-blooded murder, a lover's quarrel, a silent night, a snow-laden winter.

Clovers and buttercups laughed with me (though I do believe it was at me, rather than with me)
as the tall ones swung from side to side and the shorter ones sat still, sheltered from the breeze.
I tried my absolute best to walk around them when they carried small visitors on their tops, buzzing and humming gently.

Plants sung joyfully for me as they opened their leaves to be watered with cool, refreshing, glistening water.
I sung with them, happily enjoying their pleasure.

The sun, my camera and me.
We all savoured our day.
This beautiful day.

How was your day? Any moments to share?


  1. Such beautiful pictures! I LOVE the third one...there is something about wooden fence post that are sooo...I dunno...old timey, rustic and romantic.<3 :) ;) Very pretty!

  2. Beautiful!
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Gorgeous shots! Love the first one!

  4. WOW! I'm SO glad that you linked up!! It's so nice to "meet" you and your beautiful blog :) I especially LOVE your sprinkler shot.

  5. Mmm...that summer's looking real good right now.

  6. those are so cool! love the sprinkler!!! :)