17 June 2011


mis·cel·la·ne·ous/ misəˈlānēəs / Adjective
1. (of items or people gathered or considered together) Of various types or from different sources.
2. (of a collection or group) Composed of members or elements of different kinds: "a miscellaneous collection"

It's miscellaneous friday!
Not really.
I made that up.

miscellaneous 1.
I've guest posted over at Beloved Star today, go and check it out!
Everyday is sweet.

miscellaneous 2.
Windy days + me = not a happy photographer.

miscellaneous 3.
Soon, I'll be sharing something awesomely exciting with you all.
But for now, it's 'mums the word' and all that.

miscellaneous 4.
Deanna Durbin is so cute that I could just pick her up and put her in my pocket.
She sings, she acts, she's beautiful and she has the most gorgeous clothes ever.

miscellaneous 5.
I've realized recently how important it is to be salt and light in the world.
We are to be shining lights for the Lord!
We have Jesus in us and we should shine as a witness for Him.

miscellaneous 6.
Coffee is good.

miscellaneous 7.
me + slippers + blue socks = one happy me.

miscellaneous 8.
sisters are neat.
seriously, if you don't have one, then go and find one.

Any miscellaneous ramblings to share?
Love you all!

P.S. Notice that my text is aligned to the left? Blogger is having a tantrum at me and it won't even let me link to some photo challenges. Typical.


  1. busyness=tired me.

    etsy searching= :D

  2. http://dramaticelegance.blogspot.com/2011/06/etc.html

    You inspired me once again, lovely! <3

  3. I love miscellaneous lists. That's practically the only way I think. :P Beautiful pictures. :)

  4. Miscellaneous 3 - I HATE YOU JESS!!!! Just kidding, I love you! But you know how impatient I am with secrets. Ooh I am just itching to know whatever that big secret is haha! :)
    LOVE the photo of you and Beth! Soooo pretty! You both look gorgeous! :)
    And it's so true about being salt & light. Its actually funny that you posted about that, because that passage has been popping up everywhere recently for me, and then you go and post it. Maybe God is trying to tell me something! ;)

  5. Hi! I need you address so I can give it to the sender for the prize, please :) {Place the address in a comment of a post, it WILL NOT be published}

  6. I love that portrait of you and your sister. It's very pretty :)

  7. those are so cute! i LOVE THE PICTURE OF U AND UR SISTER!!!

  8. I like how the sunlight on your and your sister's makes it, well, afire or aglow with light.
    I have three sisters; you should go find some more, Jess. ;)

  9. Miscellaneous 9- this post is awesome, and so are you:D
    Oh by the way...and you and your sis are pretty:) Love that picture of you two<3 Your right, sisters can be pretty neat sometimes...don't know what I'd do without mine:)

  10. Just discovered your blog. And the verdict is... I love it. :) Photography galore. And good photography galore. It makes me really happy.
    Also just looked over your goal page. I may just have to steal the idea. I'm definitely a goal person, so I like it.
    You have a delightful blog. Keep up the wonderful (and if not a little miscellaneous) work :)


  11. That's a lovely pic of you both at the end Jess :)