11 June 2011

sweet + lovely

I have been awarded twice this week!
What a lovely surprise it was to see these sweet awards awarded to me and many other bloggers!


I was awarded the lovely, amazing blogger award by Destiny over at My Mismatched Life (soon to be Sharing Endless L'amour).
Merci Dezzy! ;-)

Your stranded. On an Island. You have nothing. What do you do? Get a tan, explore, enjoy the sun, wander, until it sinks in that I'm stranded and then I'll leisurely light a fire on the beach. 

What is your favorite feature: Eyes, feet, nose, etc? Eyes. Definitely. And teeth actually. I always notice people's teeth. Yeah, that's strange ol' me.

Ponytail or bun? Bun. I always put my hair in a high bun to keep it out of my face and it's easy to do.

Are your ears pierced? Yes! I got them done when I was eight.

What are you scared of? I know this is lame, but spiders. And sea creatures. I know right?

Your man. short or tall? Lol, I don't want a man! Nope. The only man I'll ever want is the ones I make up in my books. They're easier to deal with. They're perfect. Handy huh?

Would you rather be 13 or 30? Probably 13. That way I can re-live three years of my life!

chocolate or roses? Roses. I'm not a chocolate fan. 

The next award I got was from Rachel over at Dramatic Elegance.
Thanks Rachel

So many bloggers are such sweet hearts and are so lovely.
I love every one of you! 
You write inspiring posts, you take breath-taking pictures, you share wondrous stories, I join in with your laughter and your tears, and you are all lovely, sweet and inspirational.

The Sweetie Award:
Destiny from My Mismatched Life
Haylie-Jo from Wildflower growing in the Sun
Rosie from Leavesnbloom Photography
Ashley from Ramblings and Photos

The Lovely, Amazing Blogger Award*:
Haylie-Jo from Wildflower growing in the Sun
Rachel from Dramatic Elegance
Allie from Allie Photography
Nela from Beloved Star

*You can take the tag and answer the questions!
Please do!


  1. Thankyou Jess you're a sweetie too (((hugs))) - glad my award doesn't include answering questions LOL.

  2. Would it be wrong to eat the sweetie award?It looks delicious :) I know!Spiders are just plain creepy!Sierra

  3. Awwwww :) You're a sweetie for giving me a sweety :) Thanks sweetie haha!!!!!!