26 July 2011

beautiful people

I've been wanting to join into this for a wee while now.
So, here goes!

{check it out!}

I am going to be doing The Duke of Calver from My Lady Miriam

1. What is his biggest secret?
Ah! He loves being a secret highwayman. Being one in the most dignified and gentleman-ly manner. Of course.

2. Has he ever been in love?
Nope. He's too cynical. 
And also too aware of the fact that he is the biggest catch on the Marriage Mart, with title, money, estate, looks and general Nonpareil-ish-ness. All the Match-Making Mama's have been after him for too long!
He is hardened to all that.

3. What is his comfort food?
No, he doesn't have a comfort food. He's never in need of it; he never worries and is never anxious.
He's a cool customer. And he is very handsome, in a dark, masculinely sort of way. Just thought I'd tell you that.

4. Does he play a musical instrument? If so, what?
He knows a very little piano. Only as much as a gentleman would growing up with a sister.

5. What color are his eyes? Hair?
His eyes are grey, sometimes cold grey, sometimes more of a blue-grey. Depends on the lighting and his mood of course. His hair is dark brown, in the Windswept Style and it takes very little time to achieve. Although for others, the Windswept Style takes the better part of the morning to accomplish.

6. Does he have any pets?
Well, he has his hounds for hunting and horses for riding. But they aren't really pets.
They are a necessity to a gentleman's life.

7. Where is his favorite place to be?
In the country, on his horse or in his library. Though he does enjoy a Town party, and he can enjoy any event if he wishes to. Only he doesn't often wish to.

8. What are some of his dreams or goals?
He doesn't really have any goals. Gentlemen of his rank generally don't. They have attained everything in life, therefore have no needs, desires or wants. And if they do, they may have it at the lifting of a finger.
But I do believe that is all about to change for my dearest Duke....

9. Does he enjoy sports?
Oh yes. Hunting, which he has a natural ability for; Driving (his curricle/phaeton), for which his skills are both admired and coveted; Boxing, although he doesn't do much of it and Duelling, which he has only had the joy of doing twice.

10. What is his favorite flower or plant?
I would say red roses, but he has never really told me. It's not the sort of thing that he would think about, but next time I see him, I shall be sure to ask him. 

If you haven't joined in before, my fellow writers, be sure to do so this time!
I had so much fun doing this.


  1. Wow this is a great post!! I love how many times you used "gentleman", too. I really wanna read your book now :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. Haha, that is epic! I LOVE IT. The Duke sounds like a pretty interesting character! :D

  3. Nice character sketch Jess :) It's always interesting reading these. Each time you go back to think about them there's more and more to fill in. Now...*batters eyelashes*...more story? Pwease?

    P.S. Red roses...nice romantic touch :) Did he kill his men in those duels?

  4. Jess!! It is I, the one who knows all the christian homeschoolers in NZ lol :p
    You wouldn't happen to know Natalie Drinnan or Georgia Fraser as well??

  5. @ Lise, the 11th part of MLM is now up! Check it out. Kill a man in a duel?? No indeed! He merely shot one in the shoulder and the other in the arm. Nice clean wounds. lol