20 July 2011

des questions?

Hello my loves!
Now is your time.

If you have any questions you want to ask; 
any really nosey questions that you want to quiz me with, now is your chance.

They can be silly, serious, fun, theological, personal, or just plain nosey.

I love asking people questions, especially about pet peeves or pet loves.
So go ahead!

Also I'm having a giveaway soon, and I would love to have un grand one!
So, if you want to sponsor, then please email me:-)

C'mon, you know you wanna.

♥  Love You All ♥

P.S. Destiny over at Sharing Endless L'amour is having a HUGE giveaway, and I am sponsoring one of the prizes! Go check it out ;-)


  1. YESSS! Okay, let me think...

    What are your pet peeves?

    What are your pet loves?

    A few favorite blogs?

    How many blog designs have you done?

    What got you into blogging?

    Yes, I am a questionare junkie ;) I'm looking forward to seeing your answers!


  2. I love the picture of you - how cute.

  3. What is your favorite food?
    Favorite season?
    Sneakers or flip flops?
    Cats or dogs?


    Btw, you are so pretty! Your hair is gorgeous. :)

  4. Is you hair really that curly... or do you curl it your self?

  5. How do you make those curls???!! (not that it should matter to me much, see my natural curls somewhere is this post: http://zestandme.blogspot.com/2011/07/non-romantic-love-story.html)

    What are you doing/not doing in order to stay pure for your future husband?

    How does being a Christian make you different from those who aren't??

    Hehe, just had to chuck in a coupla deep ones there for ya ;)

  6. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! That picture literally made me go "ah!" SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My all-time favorite