16 July 2011

interview with cecilia ras!

Remember way back in the day when we had a giveaway?
And this amazing, beautiful person sponsored one of the prizes?
Cecilia is the too-awesome owner of naked elements: her all-natural cosmetics are simply gorgeous!
Read on my loved ones, read on!

1) Why did you decide to open an Etsy shop?
I realized that there are so many products with questionable ingredients and so many companies with questionable practices and loose laws that allow questionable labels. This is especially true with cosmetics since the cosmetic industry in not regulated. I decided to start making my own cosmetics and various bath products (which are not up yet but will be soon). I felt Etsy was the perfect place to start selling. They have low fees, a large number of users, and an audience that would appreciate my product and my philosophy.

Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow - Sample

2) Do you make your mineral make-up from scratch? Or do you start off with some basic "ingredients"?
I make all my makeup from scratch and use organic ingredients.

Coffee - Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow

3) Your fashion/clothing style?
I love high collared coats, printed tights, circle skirts, and obi belts.

Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow - Sample Set

4) Tea or coffee? Or neither?
Tea. Sometimes coffee. 

5) What inspired the title of your shop?
I was trying to think of something that said natural and pure. I don't remember exactly how I came to naked elements (thank my terrible memory....life is big blur), but I did go through quite a few names. Usually, when I need to come up with a name, I just look at what is in front of me and use that. That strategy did not work....I would have come up with headphones makeup, teacup cosmetics, glass balls, or burned out light bulb. 

Strawberry - Vegan Mineral Blush

6) Do you do your own photography for your etsy shop?
I do my own photography. I am a photographer so it would be silly to have someone else do it!

7) Do you use the cosmetics that you make? Or do you prefer to buy other brands?
I use my own cosmetics. I do not yet have ideal recipes for everything I do want to make. I am still perfecting my body butters and mascaras but I would eventually like to only use my own. Like I have mentioned before, the cosmetics industry is highly unregulated and I am very wary when buying anything.

Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow - Sample

Thanks again Cecilia!
Don't forget to check out her shop and buy some of her too-gorgeous, too-good-to-be-true, all-organic products!



  1. Great interview! Her shop is A-MAZING!

  2. Great interview! The photography is amazing, and she seems to really know her stuff.