3 July 2011

Interview with Katie Lloyd

Remember the giveaway we had lately?
Katie Lloyd was one of the amazing sponsors.
She is a crazy-fantastic photographer and a too awesome blogger.
Keep on reading the goodness folks.


1) Why did you decide to open an Etsy shop?
Well, that's a story right there! Since my first and foremost "job" is being a stay at home mom, I'm often looking for ways to save money and make money. I originally opened my shop in 2008 with the intention of selling knitted accessories - scarves, hats, mittens, purses, etc. But it was definitely not the right season to open a shop! I had neither the patience or time...we'd just had our second child, and a newborn + a 2 year old = busy! :) Once life got into a rhythm, I started seriously pursuing photography. And when I started consistently receiving amazingly sweet comments about my photos, I thought "I might be able to sell these?!" and reopened my shop!

Carousel Dreaming - 20x30 Fine Art Photography Print

2) What inspires your photography?
Oh golly...everything! Nature, other photographers, anything colorful, even just driving down the street! Sometimes I'll see something while out and about and think to myself "Hey, that's really cool!" and I'll store it away in my creative memory bank. Then maybe a week later I'll see something else that's totally awesome and then *boom* the two ideas come together and I'll set up a shoot. Here's an image that came from that process:

Hearts on the Line - 8x8 Fine Art Photography Print

3) What camera and photo editing software do you use?

I shoot with a Nikon D3000. My lenses include a 50mm, 70-300mm macro, and I still use my kit lens. I edit with PSE 8. I am a strong believer that people make pictures, not the camera. And you don't need fancy or expensive equipment. Rock with what you have!!

Oh, Hello - 11x14 Fine Art Photography Print

4) Late nights or early mornings?
Late nights. Hands down! But my husband and son are both early risers, so I've become accustom to that. As long as the sun is shining, I'm good to go!

Hot Air Balloons in Flight - 16x20 Fine Art Photography Print

5) A "laugh out loud" moment that you've experienced lately.
My kids are always making me laugh! Especially my daughter with her funny expressions. Here's one from a few days ago that cracked me up!
Solo Hot Air Balloon - 11x14 Fine Art Photography Print
{katie's hot air balloon pictures are too good to be true. i am deeply in love}

6) Where else can we find you at (flickr, facebook etc)?
It feels like I'm everywhere online, although I know there are many more places I could be! You can find me at the following:
Pinterest (which is so addictive!) - pinterest.com/katielloydphoto/

7) Your fashion-style?!
Casually girly. I like wearing skirts and t-shirts. Going back to Pinterest, you can see my fashion style here:

Stop, Before Life Passes You By - 8x10 Fine Art Photography Print

Check out Katie's shop and blog!
Thanks again Katie for being an awesome sponsor!


  1. I seriously ♥♥♥ pictures that have words with Scrabble pieces!!! truly in ♥!

  2. An interview!! What a great post idea. I am also in love with these pics. Seriously.

  3. Thanks a whole bunch for this fun interview...I'll be sure to send a few peeps over here! :)

  4. Loved reading about you Katie. I have never been to pinterest...