26 December 2011

in love with jeeves

so, a few people asked some for some details about my new Nikon D3100.

first off. his name is jeeves. say hello.
if you haven't watched the series jeeves and wooster then you most certainly should. and you should also know that jeeves is my hero. amen.

I am officially in love with jeeves. he is dressed in black and white, does everything he's told and goes everywhere with me. he is so devoted. but he doesn't make cups of tea. or so they said in the manual.

jeeves is wearing the 18-55mm kit lens at the moment. I am super happy with it, though I'm hoping to buy a 35mm f/1.8 soon. just because life is beautiful.

notice anything different on the photos?? three hugs to anyone who can see what it is. actually, make that two. hugs are not cheap these days.

yes. I am eating jeeves' cap. this is how much I love him. and this is how weird I am. 
this will probably give you nightmares. just sayin.

if anyone has any tips on how to get the best out of jeeves, please do drop a comment below! I do know that I have to take the lens cap off before I take a picture, so no need to tell me that. I picked that one up pretty quickly.
I'm kidding guys. geez.

this is the real jeeves (pictured below). he truly is amazing. and the statement about him is utterly-beautifully-eternally-true.

when you have time, find yourself a jeeves. either in person or in camera form. if you do find him in person, ask him if he has a brother. 

love you all.
be good, boo a squirrel, and have a cup of tea.


  1. Eep, this post makes me so happy. Jeeves is an awesome name. I have a feeling Jeeves and Perry (my DSLR) would be the bestest o' friends. ;)

    Oh, and the pictures are gorgeous.

  2. i love the new watermark ;) Three hugs for me! I love Jeeves♥

  3. What's different on the photos is your watermark = love! It's very professional:)

  4. Congrats on your D3100! That's the camera I'm using! And I love it! What a great surprise from your Grandma!

    My advice is to shoot in manual and never look back. (if you don't already) :)

    Oh, and I think the watermark is new, right?

  5. okay, I LOVE his name. love love love.
    you are adorable, and your pictures are gorgeous. I love the last two.

  6. I was cracking up through this whole post :)

  7. Beautiful camera! I got a Nikon D3000 Christmas morning, so I feel your excitement. (: Gorgeous photos. <3

  8. Ahh these pictures are so pretty!!! I would definitely say to learn to shoot in manual!! It definitely makes you get the best out of your camera :D Oh and the 35mm 1.8 is amazing! I have it and love it :)

    -jocee <3

  10. So...when I eventually save enough to get my Canon, I guess I'll have to call him Wooster? Or Bertie. Pics are looking good. It's amazing how much difference a new camera can make!

    P.S. You have a new watermark. I spotted it. Sweetness! I'm sure you want to give me three hugs!!

  11. Wow, such an amazing camera! I can definitely see improvement in your wonderful photography, Jess!.
    Jeeves? I ♥ the name. And the tv show is so helarious and funny. Jeeves is so great in it and one of my favourite characters : )

  12. Hints? DON'T use Auto mode! Start in Manuel. You will progress SO much faster if you start in M.

    Also. STUDY. Study, Study, Study. Read your guide a lot and look up everything!

    -Anna Rose

  13. @ Kimberly, julianna, anna-rose:
    thanks so much for the advice ladies! I am a firm believer in manual, I never use auto unless I have to shoot something real quick. I live my life in manual;-)
    thank you for giving me the heads up!

  14. you're adorable, jeeves' name is perfect, and I love your new watermark. yesyesyes.

  15. Ha! Oh Jeeves :) Jeeves and Charlie should get together one day! (me camera btw) Love the pictures! Your brother looks best when he smiles :) YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!!

    Love ya bunches and the squirrel didn't like being booed :)

  16. LOL thats cool! I have a D3100 too, except his name is Perry. ;)