23 December 2011

merriest of christmases

you may be any of the above. or if you feel as though you are something else, do tell me! I'm open to them all.

I hope that you have a day full of way too much food, ridiculous christmas-cracker jokes, an early morning and a late night, family screaming around the house and a christmas tree glittering.

I hope that some of you get a white christmas and if you do, please send me some snow. amen.

I hope that this christmas is even better than the last. with more sticky toffee pudding than last year.

I hope that christmas is remembered for what it really is. remembered not for presents or even being nice to people. remembered for Christ's birth and his whole life on earth. that rhymed. christmas does that to me.
remembered for Jesus and that He only came to earth to die for the sins of the world and redeem mankind.
remembered for the fact that He lived.

I hope that everyone realizes that when "mommy is kissing santa claus", she is really kissing your dad, that rudolph prefers white bread to carrots, and that santa never goes down the chimney, he comes through the front door like any other bloke.

my favourite song at the for christmas. sung by taylor swift.

watch this. it is so cute I could die. just to let you know, these kids are New Zealanders. amen. 
all good things come from New Zealand. amen. hallelujah. 
merry christmas.


  1. that sounded a lot like a sermon, what with all the amens and hallelujahs. I hope you have a great day ;)

  2. Narnia came from new zealand for the most part, so amen, sistah! great post. and yes, emphasis on the "dreaming" bit. it's cloudy and in the 40's here in texas. gr. but no matter, Merry Christmas! :))
    -jocee <3

  3. Merry Christmas, Jess :)
    you have 314 followers - that's my lucky number! awesome.

  4. new zealand = love. that video is the cutest thing in dah world.
    merry Christmas!!

  5. My favorite Christmas song too! Okay, one of them--I have many. But I do love that one.

  6. This is so cute! Ohmygoodness <3