22 January 2012

you, me and five squishies.

sounds divine right?

sounds like some sort of kids tv show that mum's don't let their kids watch.
but it's not.

well, at least, it might be like a kids tv show, but you're mum should let you watch it. because it's cute and cuddly.

I was thinking. while I was making my sister some crazy-hippie-organic-home-made-ginger tea, I thought that I would like to know more about you all.

you all know how I love photography, and that I can't cook and that I have a sister who draws. but I don't know that kinda stuff about you guys.

I'll tell 5 squishies about myself--things you don't know about me--and, in return, you guys can tell me 5 squishies about yourself.
tell me whether you hate ginger tea, or whether you have a secret love for elvis or if you adore curly green hair.
I would love to know. really. leave a comment and tell me your 5 squishies or do a post and leave me a link in a comment!

here goes nothing.
  1. I love herbal remedies. I love making them and learning about them. I just ordered this. giggle. herbal/organic/homemade remedies are a little bit hippie, but these ones are true-blue scientific. just clarifying.
  2. I really, really love country music. bring on the banjo and the cowboy boots. amen.
  3. Sunshine truly is happy juice. well, it is mine. I love sunshine. alotalotalotalot. a lot.
  4. I do not like sultanas, currants, or raisins. they're like dead flies. and we all know that dead flies do not make tasty eating. so why are you eating them?
  5. I do pilates. oho yes. so, I am a herbal-remedy-pilate-loving-hippie-cowgirl-vintage-new-zealander. and why you put up with me I'll never know. but I do love you all. so yeah.
be good, tell me your 5 squishies, and pull a goat's beard.


  1. 1) I have seven siblings.
    2) I read (on average) 150 words per minute.
    3) Thunderstorms make me feel alive.
    4) I love to make jewelry.
    5) Tulips are my favorite flower.

    There ya go!
    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. 1} i have a reputation of leaving the Christmas tree up until may.
    2} my mind can generate atleast 1,000 thoughts/words/sentences a minute. no joke.
    3} i hate butterflies with a burning passion. and i love batman.
    4} i am very picky about the way music sounds.
    5} key lime pie makes me giggle. :))
    -jocee <3

  3. 1) I have 5 wonderful siblings. :)
    2) My favorite Vera Bradley pattern is Night&Day.
    3) I adore photography, and am far away from, but saving for, a DSLR.
    4) I don't like waking up. But I think going to bed is amazing. ;D
    5) I USE PHOTOSHOP. Be afraid. ;)

  4. Here are mine. :D

    1.} I love milk, I just LOVE IT.

    2.} I have 2 little bros.

    3.} My best friend and I are obsessed with the A-Team show from the 80's. We've taken our friends and compared them to the characters. O.O

    4.} I have medium legnth dark-brown hair that I am growing out to my hips. I'm at my shoulders so far. ;)

    5.} I am leaving to go to my awesome church that I love! Like right now!!


  5. 1. I love photography. A lot.
    2. When I read a really suspenseful or interesting book, it's really hard to put it down. I'll just sit somewhere and read and read...
    3. Everything about God's creation excites me. I love to photograph it.
    4. I try to do too much everyday. And I'm a pro at procrastination.
    5. One day I would love to travel to outer space.

    Your photos are amazing and I really like your winter design. :)
    - Tessa

  6. 1) I'm a total night owl. Seriously. I can stay up til 3 in the morning, reading, and not even feel tired... but then there's the fact that I have to wake up at 7:30. Ummm... yeah... that often turns to 8:30.
    2) I LOVE reading! A week without book access seems like a nightmare.
    3) I love taking macros... with my telephoto lens. ;P
    4) I'm not into fashion. I'm of the opinion that if a piece of clothing is modest, comfy, and simply made - it's for me.
    5) Black and blue are my favourite colours.

    By the way, I love that first photo. Awesome. Amazing. <3
    Totally random question: Do you have goodreads?

    eve @ essence of eve

  7. Love the new design! Haha, tagged ya here ::)

  8. one: Dr. Seuss books frighten me, a lot. clever rhymes, scary pictures.
    two: I talk in different accents on a regular basis.
    three: the dream of my heart is to be in a musical. oh, someday.
    four: I'm a freak when it comes to correct grammar.
    five: I'm engaged to Captain Jack Sparrow. er, I wish I was anyway.

    raisins can be kinda gross, but then, so can country music. just my opinion, of course.

  9. 1) I'm a wannabe photographer.
    2) I'm addicted to sweet iced tea. I'm a true Southerner, obviously.
    3) I love cats.
    4) I love cozy spaces and probably annoy anyone who follows me on Pinterest because that's all I pin.
    5) I have a strange love for British period movies/tv shows. Pride and Predjudice, Downton Abbey, North and South (BBC)...you get the drift.

  10. 1. I am addicted to Angry Birds...!!!!
    2. I'm in love with my boyfriend... and don't tell him, But I love my Nikon D90 too!
    3. I'm an outdoors girl. I hate being inside longer that 4 hours:(
    4. I don't like cold rainy days when the sun doesn't shine:(
    5. I'm absolutely in LOVE with my savior and friend Jesus Christ:)


  11. 1. I tend to lurk around your blog a lot...so hi!
    2. I hate crafting with a burning passion, but I desperately want to be goo at it.
    3. I adore reading, and hate and related to science or math.
    4. I try to photograph things. And it never works out well.
    5. I have a blog called Forgotten Paper Airplanes. (Let's hear it for shameless-self-promotion! -sigh-)


  12. Your squishies were delightful. Here's mine...

    1, I make stories in my head. I'm always the main character.
    2, Old phones are the best. You know the ones where you stick you finger in the number and run it down, then let it go and hear that delightful ticking.
    3, I have 5 siblings. three boys, three girls. I love the evenness
    4, I don't like rainy days. I'm sorry for everyone who thinks they're delightful and cosy. Maybe if the house was clean, I had a good book, and a window seat...
    5, Book=<3

    I'm not sure if I've ever commented before, but I definitely have stalked (stalked... That word sounds so evil). I love your blog and your pictures are a delight to admire.

  13. yay for squishies!
    1. i have really pointy elbows, and i'm left handed, so i'm not allowed to sit on the right side of anybody at dinner. the wall is my companion.
    2. i have a collection of approximately 37 rainbow pens. some are glittery, too :)
    3. telephone poles covered in staples scare me. a lot.
    4. i swim competitively year round, except i only go to practice like maybe once a week in the winter. still, it counts.
    5. in the summer I like to wear bows in my hair. it makes me feel happy.

    and this is really late because i just got back from an internet break, but i thought it sounded fun :)


    five) i feel close to God in the moonlight.
    four) i have a spot on my tummy which is 1cm in diameter and it has a freckle in the middle.
    three) i often have raw eggs blended into milk with for brekky.
    two) i live in a 7 metre long caravan in my backyard. it's awesome.
    one) i have a much younger sister and people often think she's my child.

    oh- and one more thing (zero?)- i giggle at everything you write :) it makes me happy :D