26 February 2012

getting busy, doing nothing

dress: glassons//cardigan: new look//belt: bhs//gumboots: wyre valley//earrings: haDarlings

spring is finally coming. and I am so happy. I shall do a happy dance. good thing you're not watching. it's pretty embarrassing. yeah.

days of grumbling at winter cold are forgotten. well, sort of.
and although today has been freezing and grey and windy and rainy, I am clinging onto the hope that spring is coming in 2 days. well, it's not a hope. it is coming in 2 days. unless the world ends. which it probably will, knowing my luck and I won't get to see spring.

here are my spring goals, because spring goals are waaaaay different to winter goals. seriously. because I didn't even have any winter goals. ok.

Spring Goals

To brave it up and wear dresses.
To do more sunset sessi-wessions. whatever they are.
To go on a walk at least 5 times a week.
To put more effort into doing my hair.
To read the whole of Psalms and 1 Corinthians.
To focus on the love of God.
To do a seasonal 12 project. 

what are your spring goals? bare your souls. 
wow, that sounded weirdy. nevertheless, share with me your springy-spring goals!

love you all.
be good, hold spring to ransom and kiss a chameleon. 

xox jess

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  1. hey, you're cute :) the weather around here has gone back to wintry, but I'll be thinking about "springy-spring goals" !

  2. Well okay, you're absolutely gorgeous! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures. Definitely feeling the Spring vibe! ;)

  3. That is such a cute outfit! Love the pictures. :)

  4. the leaves are magical, as is your lovely outfit. i'm jealous of your cardigan. just thought you should know that ;)
    -jocee <3

  5. these (and you!) are gorgeous! what camera do you use? My favorite is the first :)

    1. hi there! I use my nikon d3100, jeeves;-)

  6. you are gorgeous. these pictures are gorgeous. End of story..<3

  7. i very much like the first picture! c:

  8. Awww yay!!! It looks so springy...I love it!!

  9. Beautiful pictures and I love your outfit! :)

  10. you're beautiful.
    that's all.

  11. Sweety your hair looks SO amazing! :)
    And I really read: To go on a walk at least 5 times a DAY.
    Thought you're going crazy, haha...
    Love ya, Kristi

  12. Great goals! I just started reading your blog and will continue to do so :) I love your openness in regards to your faith:)

  13. SPRING <3
    You look oh so cute in that dress!

  14. I really love that outfit! And I also fell in love with the first picture, amazing! ♥ I wish the spring would come here too - much faster. We still have like 1meter of snow and -15 celsius degrees. But maybe in April, or May! :)

  15. Pretty much every single photo in this post I fell in love with. <3

    Oh, and OH! my. goodness.
    Absolute LOVE with the new look! Like serious love. No over-exaggerating--I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I LOVE peachy-pink, I always said (well, thought) that if had a blog it would have the peachy-pink color in it, because I love it so much. :) So thats why I love the new look! A LOT. Spring looks are awesome. Because Spring is awesome. Spring is officially my favorite season. Sort of. I love all seasons. I'm going to stop talking now. Basically, the new looks rocks!

    1. oh jayney. I pretty much don't know what I would do without you. your comments are always so much fun to read. and I love you. the end.
      glad you like the new look! I am so done with winter now;-)

  16. Miss Jessy!!
    I don't know what I would do without YOU! Seriously. I don't. I'd probably explode or something...
    Oh yes! Spring, spring for me! And for Jess. Rub it in winter's face that their icy hands can't capture us anymore!
    I am ready for blooming flowers, chirping birds, fresh green grass, picnics, and all that goes a'with it.
    In fact, I think we need to get together to celebrate spring. Because I LOVE YOU! :)

  17. Your gorgeous and I love your outfit!! I saw that you use a Nikon D3100 :)) so do I!! Oh and your photography is beautiful! What lense do you use?

  18. The fifth photo is amazing... I was just wondering, what do you use to edit your photos? Please respond. The composition of that shot is amazing, by the way.

    1. thanks! at the moment, I am using a mix between pixlr and picnik. I'm hoping to get photoshop cs4 soon...I'm dying to get it!

  19. hey its me Abby? yeah, how are you? So sad to hear about dolly moving out!!!!!!!!!!!! check ur emails