4 February 2012

winter, I am smitten

the cold kinda made me a little less smitten.
but still mostly-smitten.

it's lovely stuff. it's white and cold. and cold and white.

the thing I love most about snow, is how quiet it is. it sneaks up on you.
but don't worry, I didn't get a fright. I approached it calmly and said, "why hello snow. you may have sneaked up on me, but we can still be friends."

oh my poor family. I drag them out into the snow and tell them to smile in freezing conditions. yes, you do love me sister.

oh snow. you have such good fashion sense. you dress everything in a beautiful, sparkling white.

tomorrow we shall slip and slide all over you. we shall scream and throw you about. but, be assured that we do love you. even though we take advantage of your throw-able-ness.

my thumb is missing. how thrilling. who knew that snow did that to you?

hello bush. you look pretty.

hello brother. I am cold. you are cold. we are both smiling. wait, why are we smiling?

this girl is very good at sledging. she practically made sledging history.

oh little puppy. you looked so cute in the snow. but you were so very, very cold. so I stuck you in my jacket.

snow. oh snow. I am very smitten with you.

tomorrow shall be good. very good.

what is your favourite thing about snow? are you smitten too?

love you all.
be good, fall head-over-heels for snow, and stick a puppy in your jacket.


  1. i am so so jealous. i want some snow :(
    lovely pictures, as always! your family is quite photogenic :)

  2. i'm jealous. and this line: "my thumb is missing. how thrilling." is priceless. you are so beautiful! :))
    -jocee <3

  3. I have never had the pleasure of experiencing snow. I was born and raised in the Valley of the Sun ;) However, if snow ever managed to sneak up on me, I probably would not handle it as calmly as you did.

    I wish I had a puppy to stick in my jacket /:)
    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  4. Oh Jess, you make me smile. I just love reading your fun, creative, joy-filled posts. They cause me to smile and laugh out loud.
    Thank you for making me laugh. Just reading this post makes me so happy inside. :)

    Have a most wonderful day!


  5. that looks like so much fun! i so want to experience something like that : )
    why can't australia do this in winter every once in awhile??!!

    1. I know how you feel. we didn't get that much snow in New Zealand either...it's so nice to have it in england though! even though it's freezing;-)

  6. Wow! Beautiful pictures!! Send me some snow! ;)

  7. beautiful photos! love the post-processing on these.

  8. i'm agreeing with janis (which is how i found you, by the way) on the processing of the photos. really love the look. and snow is one of my faves - i love eating it. and of course when it falls in huge flurries. mmm.