6 March 2012

thankfulnesses of life


001. love never fails. not ever.
002. spring is my new best friend. we are, like, this close.
003. journalling.
004. dreaming of new zealand.
005. dreaming of new zealand golden hour.
006. dreaming of new zealand sun.
007. you may think that I like nz just a little bit. you may be right.
008. jogging.
009. being offered some work experience. why thank you nice man in the shop. you have a very nice shop.
010. vanilla lattes.
011. writing more of my lady miriam.
012. yes. I'm finally whipping myself into writing some more of MLM. I know. I know. I weep over my shame.
013. my new seasonal twelve project! the joy. spring. twelve weeks. eighty-four days. one picture a day.
014. my new f.a.q page. I have month-by-month quickie questions on there, so feel free to ask questions in the regular posts and I will do my best to put them on the faq page!
015. watching disney films.
016. pitying all those kids who haven't watched those classic disney films because I know that they must struggle to live.
017. oh those poor children.
018. reading psalms.
019. me and jeeves are learning so much about each other. we are, what you might say, a happily married couple.
020. breathing.

some of your thankfulnesses?

love you all.
be good, find a thankfulness, and sing to a kitten.

xox jess


  1. lovely list. hey, just curious, what do you think of new zealand? ;P

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

    1. lol, I think new zealand is the most beautiful place on earth! and it is. you should visit it...it's simply glorious. I'm so glad I'm a kiwi. it's shamefully true.

  2. New design.. AMAZING!! Just designed a blog my self this morning. ;) I am thankful for my family, this loverly weather, and trees :)

  3. vanilla lattes? what? i'm standing right at your door. go open it and bring a latte with you.
    great post, loved that photo! speaking of which, email me. okay? okay.
    -jocee <3

    1. so, I went to my front door and you weren't there....what do I do now? I was fully prepared to make you a latte. and brownies. sob. ;-)
      oh, of course darling, an email is coming your way.

  4. "016. pitying all those kids who haven't watched those classic disney films because I know that they must struggle to live." Yes. Just yes.

  5. That photo is just amazing! What font did you use for 'love never fails'? It's really pretty!

    eve @ essence of eve

    1. Thanks;-) I used the font 'skinny'. I love it too!

  6. love your faq page, love disney movies, and now I want to go to nz. take me?

    1. yesyesyes, I'll take you. I'll be your tour guide;-) the mischief we could get up to. oh joy.

  7. that's so funny! you're amazingly helarious in every post, jess.
    just saying.