21 July 2012

this beautiful day // a guest post by abby

I sit here, watching as the wind tickles the trees.  Golden stripes lie on the grass in front of me.  I turn my head to see a luminous yellow on the horizon.  Just above that, orange and purple mingle.
I hear a guitar playing and people laughing.  The soft caress of the wind on the trees whispers in my ears.  I breath deeply, taking in all that is around me.  Peace consumes me, despite the troubles in my life.  I thank God for this miraculous world.
I look to the sky above me and see a deep gray.  I soon realize these are rain clouds. 
Sitting in the grass, I think on all the amazing things around me.  How simple, yet terribly complicated they are.  They never fail to happen every day, yet are so often overlooked.

coolio car
 I lay my head down and close my eyes.  My fingers play across the cool grass.  Senses alert, I listen to the life happening around me.  I hear dogs chasing tennis balls.  I hear the soft voices of conversation.  I hear the wind dancing across the field.

I also hear an argument forming between a couple.  I become sad for them - they don’t take liberty of enjoying the beauty of this sunset.  They are too busy to notice the awe-inspiring things God is doing around them.

I then realize I become a victim of that all too often.  Now I become more sad.

But I do not stay sad for long - for it is quite impossible to do so in a place 
like this.



hey there, I'm abby. I like to be crazy, I like to twirl, and I like to water ski. stop by my blog sometime why dontcha.


  1. This was awesome. You're a really talented writer!

    xo, Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. beautiful. I love how strong the sense of hearing is through these words.