23 August 2012

faith & grace | portraits

I did a session with these two adorable girls the other day. we had so much fun. they're both such beautiful girls and man alive do they know how to work the camera! after sitting on an ants nest and a quick, 'it's ok, they're only tiny' they got changed and we headed out for another load of pictures.
for one, I want her red hair and for another, I want her blue-blue-blue eyes and dark eyelashes. so overall, the whole time I was thinking how mean mum and dad were for not giving me any.

are you dying to know my exciting news? because it is super thrilling. like, I am happy happy happy. but, you'll have to wait until the next post. kill me now, I know. I'm so mean. but evil is my middle name. no, not really. bob is my middle name. no, I'm kidding. bill is my middle name.
or, wait, is it marmaduke?

love you all.
be good, tell me which picture is your fave and get a twitter account already.

xox jess
thank you all for your amazing comments on my last post! you're all sweet little chickpeas. and for those of you who were heartbroken because I got it cut, I'm sorry. but I remember saying something about evil being my middle name...or, wait, was it....?


  1. goshbubblespopmunch. these photos are fant-abulous. what site do you use for editing your photos? i'd loveee to know. :)


    1. thanks! I use photoscape, which is a software that I downloaded. it's really good, actually, compared to gimp/whatever. I'm gonna stick with it until I get photoshop. and if you feel like buying me photoshop, I'm fine with that. :-D

  2. you. yes YOU. you're hilarious. jessica marmaduke. oh it just fits you perfectly.
    also, these are presh.

  3. these two are sort of adorable. loveee.

  4. Oh my, faith and grace are toooo cute!! These pictures are just adorable. I love them. And love you.

    Your exciting news! Aaahhhh! Can't wait.



  5. goodness, what pretty pictures!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  6. These are so precious! completely in love.

  7. Adorable! :) My favorite is second from the last.

  8. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Jess, you make magic with that ol' camera. and I love that third from last picture... what lovely gals!


  9. OH MY GOODNESS THE ADORABLENESS! These are amazing Jess, and those girls are so stunning!

  10. those two are simply adorable!! Her eyes are beautiful! Love these.

  11. ahhhhh ha ha ha ha ha. i see what you did there. you're so hilarious, girl. and these put shirley temple to shame. xo

  12. 1. Cute.

    2. You're a goober.

    3. You really like to milk to whole 'I have news' don't you?...if I didn't know already you'ld have been spammed with emails from me :D

  13. you are the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER!!!! my favourite is the one of her jumping in the air...just beautiful.

  14. these girls are adorable! I love that red-haired girls scarf. ♥ and the whole outfits, just, GAHHH! love. ps. did u get my email? :)

  15. They are adorable! What gorgeous photos! My pastor's daughter's are named Faith and Grace, too. ( :

    Beautiful blog you got here!

  16. Wonderful photos! I love your blog! Very creative title. I'd love it if you stopped by my blog. http://emmavogelsang.blogspot.com


  17. You take the loveliest pictures Jess!

    and completely off subject, but I dreamed about Sherlock last night. I blame you ;D