15 October 2012

and then we drank pumpkin spice lattes

my sister came to visit for five days. man alive, it was good to see her! ok, so the first, twelth, fourteenth and last pictures pretty much depicts what happens when she comes.
oh, and also? pumpkin spice lattes are now my favourite. england is moving forward. we now have pumpkin spice lattes AND caramel salted mochas. so far, so good.

did you love the posts beth made? yeah. thanks beth. little saboteur. but, I got her back. so I feel good.
also, I have a cold. so please send me some tea, biscuits and love through the mail. oh, and the tea must be hot. k. thanks. bye.

few things I've been loving lately.

this conversation // my darlin's newly made tumblr // october // this post by my sweet texan girl // count down till new zealand // four weeks dontcha know // my other darling lady's newly made tumblr // being sherlock at starbucks // autumn // all of you guys // also, all of you guys // pumpkin spice lattes

love you all.
be good, tell me what you've been lovin lately, and kiss a pumpkin.

xox jess 


  1. OH my word. She's alive after all. Thanks for the tumblr plug sweetcheeks! Speaking of love through the mail, have you received any mail lately?

    I would make you tea, but if would be cold by the time I got there I think. Do you know what will make you feel better? Thinking about how you'll be seeing ME in just a few weeks!!!!!!! And we shall take over the coffee houses. Hope you feel better soon sweets.

  2. I'm loving this post. Seriously! Too cute for words.

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  3. I'm been lovin all your crazy wonderful posts!!! Can you guys get any cuter!?!?! hahaha Seriously tho, ok I've been loving wearing boots, scarves, sweaters, leggings and wearin my hair in messy buns. I've been loving seein all the trees change colors, and snuggling with my dog. :)


  4. Dear Poor Sick Lil' Jess,

    I will most certainly send you tea and those cookies I baked yesterday. Please get better soon.

    Much love,

    Your Fellow Sherlock-Obsessed Pal

  5. of COURSE you were sherlock at starbucks.
    next time i'm going to be irene adler and they're going to give me the most shocked expressions.
    seriously though you and your sister are just plain cute and i like you both.
    and i had two pumpkin spice lattes this weekend.
    i think they got me high, but i still love them.
    so yeah. :)

  6. Quick question, which one is you? Because I can never tell the difference now. :D You guys look so much alike!

    Hope your cold feels better soon. I have a nasty burn at the back of my throat from eating my dad's chili this past Saturday, so I can probably relate to the pain. :D

    Pumpkin spice lover's unite!
    Just thought I should put that out there. ;) Anyway, take care!

  7. love this! you and your sister are so gorgeous!
    pumpkin spice lattes, oh yeah. I just has my first one a couple weeks ago, it was love at first sip:D haha:) they are so good!

  8. Glad you and your sister had agood visit :D She greatly reminded me of Kate Winslet :D

  9. aw, get yourself better dear!!
    its that time of year when colds strike the hardest:(
    your sis is Awesome, the end.
    never had a pumpkin spice coffee, must try one.

  10. THAT TWITTER CONVERSATION. oh my lord, i just died all over again. we are awesome. hope your cold gets better soon, dearie. sending you lots of love and imaginary cupcakes. xo

  11. Being Sherlock anywhere is great! And I must try a pumpkin spiced latte soon, or I shall self-combust. Feel like I'm missing out deeply. Sending you love, I hope it's not the same cold I have!
    Kimmy x

  12. is it weird that i often pretend to be sherlock even though i've never seen it? no? ok, good.

    you and beth are so dadgum cute. can i move to england just so i can take pictures of you? and that picture of your dad is made of win. he looks legit.

    love you, pumpkin. pity me. i've never had a pumpkin spice latte. but i'll send you one since you're sick.

  13. Dang. It. You two are absolutely gorgeous! And your pictures are too!

  14. this is so darn lovely and cute. also, that conversation on twitter is epic; like, pleaseee COUNT ME IN.

    xx Acacia

  15. ps kiss a pumpkin???!! OHMYGOODNESSGRACIOUS, YES!

  16. I hope you feel better soon! As for being Sherlock at Starbucks....you just put the two best things in the world together. :D
    I've never had a pumpkin spice latte, but it is on my to-do list. I know [hangs my head in shame]. I usually stick with the peppermint mocha. That's what I've been loving lately...that and writing.

  17. Wow, you girls are beautiful!! And you both have crazy cool hair!!! XD haha Love it!! <3

  18. these photos are awesome, jess! spiced pumpking lattes...? ah, yum!! i need to get onee...and i'll send you some tea and biscuits in the mail. maybe...! it may not reach you intact though :P

  19. Aw, how sweet of you too. :) You're so funny Jess. Loves.

  20. oh I guess you're just the tumblr queen now, aren't you? (me: ermahgersh jess mentioned me on her blog she's gonna be famous and she loves me waaaahh good grief so exciting woooo calm down jenn)
    just thought you should know my thought process there.
    Beth's hairrrr. it's so purdy. you two are darling. and aahhh your family, I just miss you! but coffee. yes. drink pumpkin spice lattes and think of me, think of me fondly, when we've said goodbye.

  21. Hey Miss Jess, I won't skype bomb you again today, because I know you're just dying to get your chompers into all that algebra! So just check out the link I'm commenting from...back online ;)

  22. You guys look a LOT alike(you and your sister) did you know that?