25 November 2012

an interview || by olivia

Hi there!  I'm Olivia from The Photography of Olivia G.  Jess originally asked me to do a video interview, but sadly, after an hour of work, I lost all the audio for my video!  So, a plain, old, typed out interview is what you get today!  So, here we go:

1.  Who are you, where do you blog, and who do you work for?  In other words, tell us about yourself? 
This is me.  Like I said, I'm Olivia.  I'm a photographer.  I write sometimes, I play soccer, and I love to read.  I'm a big sister to ten crazy kids.  I love to sing, even though I'm not the greatest at it.  I started my photography business this year after discovering that I am really an artist at heart.  I love to life live to the fullest, the way God has called me to.  It's a challenge, but it's so much fun.

2.  Five things you love bestest in the whole wide world.
My family.
My friends.
My church.
My school.
My camera.

3.  Who and what inspires you to blog?
I'm mostly inspired by my family.  I love to photograph my siblings and write about them.  I draw inspiration from the everyday things that go on, and I've found that a big family like mine is unique and interesting to some people, so I love to share that.  This is all of us:
One of my (shameless) favorite things to do is people watch.  And that's also where I get a lot of inspiration. Isn't crazy that there are millions of people in the world and each one has this amazing, unique, beautiful, sad, important story?  I love to look at someone and try to figure out what their life is like.  That gives me a lot of inspiration.

4.  Tea or coffee?  Strawberries or blueberries?  Movies or books?

Am I allowed to say milk?  I'm not a coffee or tea kind of girl.

I love strawberries!

Books.  Books.  Books.
 5.  If you had a thousand dollars to spend in one hand and a donut in the other, what would you do?
(This question is pure awesomeness, by the way.)
I would eat my donut while I walked around and gave away money to people who caught my eye.  Then, with whatever was left, I would go to my favorite store and buy something.

6.  Describe a perfect day for you.
Hmmm.  I don't think I could plan my perfect day.  I would want to spend it with my family or my friends.  I would want to do spontaneous things, go on adventures, do something fun.  Just completely spontaneous and surprising.  Then, I would end it with my favorite book in front of the fireplace.

7.  Summer or winter?  Paris or London?  Thor or Loki?
Summer is the love of my life.

London....and Paris.  Both.  :)

Chris Hemsworth.  That's all.

8.  Describe yourself in ten words.
a nerd
a laugher
hopeless romantic
9.  Your biggest dream in all the world - no matter how unrealistic!

I think my biggest dream is what I have envisioned for my future.  I want to get married, then travel with my husband to write and photograph.  I want to come home and start a family in a small little town, be a great mom and wife.  Then, I want to travel as family.  I would also like to have a photography business as well.

10.  What keeps you motivated day-by-day and what makes you glad to be alive?

My family and friends keep me the most motivated, especially my friends.  I have some wonderful, encouraging people in my life who help me stayed focused on Christ.  They help me become stronger in my faith, each and every day.

There are so many things that make me glad to be alive, I don't think I could list them all.  Photography, and the joy I get when I take someone's photo.  Learning, school, and teaching.  My friends, and seeing us become stronger as the years pass.  My future, knowing that someday I'm going to be a wife and mom.  My faith, that I have the opportunity to share what Christ has done for me, and also to know that He will fulfill His purpose for my life.  That's a short list, but there's so many things.  I love life.  A lot.
A message from Jess:
“Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this beautiful lady’s video-interview! Go and check out her blog, coz she’s pretty much the best. I just arrived in New Zealand today and I loveloveloved California. If you want to know what I’m doing with myself while I’m not blogging and in New Zealand, I’ll be on twitter. In the meantime, keep enjoying all of these beautiful blog kidnappers. They are so minty biscuits. Live it up, kids!”

Thanks, Jess, for letting me blog while you are gone!  Have a wonderful, amazing, ridiculous, awesome time!  For anyone who wants to know more about me or my photography, check out my blog.


  1. nope. you lost me at loki. how could you NOT love him?!
    i may or may not forgive you.
    otherwise, fantastic interview! you are a beautiful girl.

    1. I KNEW you would comment about that question! :) As soon as I typed it, I thought, "I'm going to hear it from Jocee." Well, thank you for forgiving me. ;)

    2. hah! as soon as i READ it, i knew there'd be a comment from jocee about loki..ahem. and tom hiddleson. ;)

  2. Great interview, Jess and Olivia. Btw, Love your family pictures and question #5 is priceless.

  3. I love this!! Olivia sounds really nice and sweet!!!:)

  4. Thor all the way girl! And awesome interview. You're family is lovely. :)

  5. Awesome interview! Milk? ah, you should come by my house... we've got a lot! (a.k.a we milk cows)

  6. this is lovely olivia! and jess, i am so glad you're having fun in new zealand! bring me with you next time, okay? ;)

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  8. bah, humbug. I keep doing that stupid comment-with-the-wrong-name-thing. ^
    ooooookaaay, so, I loved this. sad about your video/audio, but this was beeeaaautiful. I loved every single one of your answers, especially 5, 7, and 8. chris hemsworth??? sweetcheeks. it's either loki or tony stark. that's all I'm sayin.

    1. JESS, YOU ARE MESSED UP. I love you to pieces, but I can not stand with you on this matter.. CHRIS HEMSWORTH IS THE MAN.. THETHETHE MAN.
      Loki's okay.. Jocee? COME AT ME.

  9. I loved this interview. A lot.
    You sound like such a lovely girl and family lover, there should be more people in the world like you. I admire you, and I haven't even seen you blog yet! But then, that's about to change...I'm off to go and check it out!
    Yep, Jess was right, you are a 'minty biscuit'! :D

  10. Wonderful interview, Olivia! So lovely to meet you! =)

  11. Awesome interview! I love the last picture! :)


  12. well, now I know some more about you- other than we have the same name & intials :) love the toms photo, whth you lens cap in there- cute! xo