11 November 2012

just gangsta

there's nothing like having a gangsta brother to do awesome inner-city shoots with.
also, coffee.
just thought that you'd like to know that I'm leaving on tuesday...soflippinexcited.
and maybe a new 50mm lens made it's way to me the other day. but then again, maybe it didn't.
5 hours of sleep each night sucks. but. there is coffee.
another pro to travelling: I gets to make lotsa lotsa lists. ehee.
meet up in london for my 18th birthday everyone? even though it's in april? sweeeet. lets do it.
also, coffee.
my brain seems to have gotten lost. tell me if you find it.

love you all.
be good, have coffee and get a gangsta brother.

xox jess


  1. I love these. I'm gonna have to convince my older brother to go to the *city* and take photos with me when he gets back in the states in Feb.
    Hope you have lots of fun in New Zealand :) that is one of the places the visit on my list. :)


  2. This pictures are crazy good. It must be nice to have a brother willing to pose!

  3. Love these pictures, girl! He totally looks like a legit gangster. {One of the nicer ones, though.} Also, I adore your style of writing. Completely goofy, random and... awesome. Yup.

    COFFEE. oh, girl. can't ever, ever, evah get enough coffee.

    And have lots of fun, and happy birthday! When is the exact date? :)

    You're pretty awesome, okay? Okay.

    xx, mikailah

  4. okay. i need your brother so i can take some amazing good gansta pictures. none of mine will, and i have three! you'd think i was a crazy or something.
    well, maybe i am.

    Rachel Nicole


  5. i hope you never change, darling. you a just perfect. xo

  6. regardless of how awesome these pictures are, the only thing i could think about the entire time i was looking at them was sheep. ;)

    okay, i'll stop being weird now.

    seriously. these pictures are amazing. my brother already had to leave this weekend. :( it's terrible. he barely got to be here! but next time he comes i am so grabbing my black fedora and we are gonna hit the city for a shoot.

    i think i'm almost as excited about your new zealand trip as you are. gosh, it just sounds so fun! and i know how much you've been missing your new zealand, so i'm so excited for you. ;) hey, the london thing works for me. we already decided i was gonna meet up with you and we're gonna see les miz, right? of course right.

    i love you, my adorable sheep. :)

  7. these are awesome. how exciting you are leaving on tuesday! have lots of fun!

  8. My brother(you know -- the crazy laughing boy?) is five.. So I can't exactly call him a gangster, but he IS a heartthrob. ;)


  9. Your brother is so awesome. I wish mine would let me take photos of him.
    And I so wish I could meet you in London. One day, maybe.

  10. tell your brother that he is cool, but that he should smile. okay? okay good.
    eh, 5 hours of sleep. that happens too often for me. thank you Jesus for creating coffee, amen and amen.
    ALSO YOU LEAVE SO SOON AAAHHH SO EXCITED FOR YOU :D and psh, my 18th birthday is in a week and you're going to be in the US and oh I so wish I could see you.
    love love love and minty biscuits are being sent your way.

  11. You guys be gangsta's and you be taking good pictures.

  12. Who is that, and what has he done with Damien???

    I don't think I have seen him in dress pants. Ever. And the hat? What did you give him in his coffee Jess?

  13. Wait...you're leaving tomorrow? Your Skype is beeping...I need to talk to you before you go!

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  15. 1. I'll be there in April.
    2. I love love love these shots of Mr. Hornblower. ;)
    4. and so jealous of that lens. ;)
    5. I loves ya!
    6. The end.

  16. That is one tasty looking lunch special! ;D

  17. My brother isn't all that gangsta...being that he's 5. ;) But I'll come to London and see if your brother will let me take pictures of him. :D heheh. and also. you know my coffee status. ;) waiting for the perfect time. hahaha XD