2 January 2013

two thousand and twelve || in review

basically, in the form of a few pictures and what's happened this year, this is my two thousand and twelve  || in review post.

and as every good year should, it should start, end and be filled with coffee. amen.

getting jeeves.
I can't believe that I got my dslr camera right at the beginning of last year.  I feel as though I've had him for years and years. jeeves, you are my hero.

going to london.
going to london was amazing. I adore london. it is so beautiful and friendly and clean and minty biscuits. I have many many plans to live there. and I'm going to drag a lot of you into it.

meeting another blogger.
I gots to meet jenn. mah lil jenn de la creme. we met in london (which is also why it was so awesome) and we totally took it by storm. coz we're awesome. it was then when I realized that she's nothing like her pictures. she looks so nice and happy and smiley on her pictures. man alive. her nose is so photoshopped and she's, like, so weird. but I still wuv her.

yeah. that was good. and I'm happy. and I've finished. and...freeeeeeedddoooooom!

this year has been the year of getting to know people. getting to know bloggers, and then real people. coz bloggers aren't real people. we're, like, virtual....weirdos.
anyway. I have got to know some ah-mazing people and I love them all dearly and I want to meet them all in person (those of them who I haven't yet) and give them huge hugs and drink coffee with them. you know who you are. so, um, watch out.

God is amazing.
seriously. with every single day, I am realizing that I am nothing and He is everything. He has everything under control. He has the best plan ever. He is so gracious when I am stupid, which, let's face it, I am a lot. He shows me so much. His love never ever ever ever ever ever ends. and heaven is going to be amazing.

new zealand & travel.
being back in my country for 5 months is so jolly tickety-boo, I can't even explain it. england is beautiful in it's own way, but new zealand is my home and I love it. also, going to america for ten days was just the most awesomest thing ever. guys. I reeeeeaaaallly wanna do that roadtrip. so, um, start a fundforjess? good idea!

some lil highlights & some awesome people...

vlogging for the first time. that was fun and fun and I loved it and I'm pretty awkward.
petie. this girl is just...minty biscuits. I love her to bits. we laugh, we laugh, we talk, we quote movies. yeah. it's good. it's gooder than good.
getting a twitter account. it opened up manys a crazy-beautiful-outrageous-sweet-as conversation. get one, guys.
jocee. this sweet texan girl? she is adorable and funny and gorgeous. she's gonna make me a texan bbq one day. the end.
lise. what can I say? we've known each for a looong while now. and I love her, because she's a darling and we can insult each other at will.
my first pumpkin spice latte. guys? it was good. I'm a convert.
getting two new lenses. the 35mm and 50mm. yum. such nice lenses. but I like to call them noses.
anna-kate. if you could see our emails...oh my wordy. people might think we talk about strange things, but really, we're just awesome.
jenn. of course. mah lil jenn de la creme. my little schpootnick & schpenelli. I love her to pieces and she is just...jolly spiffing. she is my wuv, becoz wuv, tru wuv, will fowow us foweva.
lindsey, jessica, kinga, lucia, cassie, nela....goshness. they're all so lovely. and I can't wait to get to know them even better this year.
I cut my hair short (ish). which was so nice, and I needed it. and like it always does, it has grown back vuurrrry quickly. so, I'm back to long hair again.

and. I'm still alive. profound. deep, even. I know. but it's true.

love you all.
be good, tell me about your 2012 and kiss a dwarf.



  1. All your pictures. Perfect. I do not lie! Happy 2013!

  2. okay so basically i really like this post. it just seem to flow perfectly and i adore your photos and quirkiness so much. ah jess; never leave us.

    xx from englaaaannnd(!)


  3. love love this!!:) the black and white pictures are just beautiful!!:)

  4. JESS!!! :D Oh, my lovely lady, I feel as though I haven't spoken to you in months! Oh, your pictures...when did you get so GOOD??

    Never ever stop being this quirky little ball of light! <3

  5. you're so funny. i'm glad 2012 was a good one & I hope 2013 is great :) xo

  6. haha, i do owe you bbq, don't i?
    gah, i just love you bunches.
    and i will meet you and we'll stalk tom hiddleston and tour downton abbey.
    but mostly stalk tom hiddleston.

    1. guess guess what? I've had TWO dreams with tom hiddleston in them. in one of them, he was loki and in the other, he was just tom. what is this gift from the heavens?? I LIKE.

  7. I'm still up for the roadtrip! In fact, I'm still planning on it. ;)
    Oh, and I can't wait til your beautiful face is back in England!! But i hope you're having a minty biscuits (I actually somehow incorporated it into a sentence....JUST for you!) time in NZ, make sure you soak up way too much sunshine for me, and please bring me the sun back when you come, unless you want a pale ghost for a friend. Oh, I sent you an email last year, but for some reason my email is saying it didn't get to you or something.. I don't know why. I love and miss you Miss Jessy!!

    P.S. if you could bring back Gandalf for me, I'd appreciate it.

    1. oooohhh my goshness!! jayney puds!! it's been so long! email?? what email?? what is this witchery?! lol. we should skype sometime soon dearest...and we mustmustmust catch up when I get back. IT MUST HAPPEN. so much to catch up on! love you darling girl!

    2. It's been FAR TOO long!!! We are hanging out like never before when you get back!! But I'm sure you're having a lovely time... in fact, too lovely of a time, send some of that loveliness england-ward. ;D
      Yes yes! I sent you an email a while back, it must not have gone through gosh darn it... I'll try resending it. I hope I have your right email address! And we must skype sometime! I miss you! I love you!!

  8. Loverly. God IS amazing all the time, meet-ups with blog friends are priceless and nothing beats a pumpkin spice latte (welcome to the addicts club :P).

  9. Very lovely review of your year, Jess. Can't wait to get to know you better too! :hugs:

    P.S. Agreed. I think each day should begin (and end) with a cup of coffee, along with other ingredients such as chocolate and honey. ;) Haha, take care!

  10. Love this! And I'm terribly jealous you live in New Zealand! ;)

  11. dear jessy jess jess. ♥
    i cannot wait to get to know you better either. and i am going to come to new zealand some day and we are going to have starbucks and just live it up. yup. i cannot wait. :D i love this end of the year review post too. and i loooove youuu. ;)
    xoxox - lindseyloo

  12. so. yeah. i loved this and all these words and all these pictures. jessy, mah lil sheep, we are gonna meet one day. we are gonna drink coffee and you're gonna show me some sherlock and we'll go to london and laugh together and take sheep pictures. ok? k.

    and i'm totally staring a fundforjess. just sayin'.

  13. you are so lovely, jess. I look forward to getting to know you as well.

  14. you make my heart so happy, my dear little baby jiss. yes, jiss. I just adore you to pieces. meeting you/getting to know you better and better was seriously one of the highlights of my year. even though when I thought you were going to say I was nothing like my pictures, I was even better...nope, you just talk about my nose. you KNOW that's a sore spot. ehehe. I wuv you mah twu wuv. come visit me.

    ps--I pick kissing richard armitage, if you don't mind. though I'd take kili if you throw a fit about it.

  15. You and Jenn are making me REALLY want to go to London!!! Maybe I can get my dad to take me sometime when he goes to Paris :)
    Happy New Year!
    -mal :)

  16. first of all, jess, you're a dear. or minty biscuits, if you don't mind me quoting you. ;) if you ever come to Oregon, PUH-LEEEASE drop by me, okay? oh and this is kinda in the works but I may be coming to England within the next year or so to attend a Bible college in that vicinity (Capenwray?)...so...get a room ready, will you? ;D jenn is an absolute lucky duck that she got to see your pretty (albeit photo-shopped) face in person! :{D

    ALSO. being the incredible blogging friend that I am, I just now watched your vlog. and goodness me: your accent is the very essence of how I have always wanted to speak. you would be the envy of my town if you ever come to visit...we are all rather crazy about accents. once I stalked a man just to hear his aussie accent. but that is a rather long and embarrassing story. :}

    so forgive me if, when I come to visit you, I sit and stare at your mouth and just listen. okay I think I'll add your vlog to my playlist...haha....just kidding. maybe. ;)

    anyways. you are a darling and *I* say we skype sometime. yes? no? (how dare you say 'no!')

    many hugs, and xoxoxoxo's,
    lucia <3

    1. I literally squealed when you said you might be going to capenwray (we know some peeps through capenwray) in england...oh my gosh, pleeeeeaaasse come!!!! when I've saved up and I do my amazing 6month roadtrip around america, I will come to see you too. and we will drink coffee. and we will be awesome and minty biscuits.
      bahahaha....oh thanks! I'm pretty sure you would like to hear my parent's and brother's accents, coz they sounds completely british! soooo....we should definitely skype. yes and amen and yes and amen.

  17. hi. so, i just discovered your blog. and i love it. :)

  18. Wow, I like the way you talk. XD 'Minty biscuits'...interesting...:P
    I love your pictures. :)
    I've always wanted to go to England. Maybe I will, someday. NO. It ish a must.
    YAY, more blogs I can check out!

    And I think I'm good. About kissing a dwarf. *scoots away nervously*

    You sound like such an amazing person. Glad I found your blog.

    1. P.S. I really DO like your hair.

    2. P.P.S. You live in New Zealand? LUCKY!!! Okay, I promise that's the last post script. :)

  19. Oh goodness. Everything about this post is so lovely. And the fact that you live in New Zealand = even lovelier. So hey, I live in Texas, and Jocee lives in Texas, so I might just join your barbeque.