20 February 2013

the katniss everdeen one

so, long story short, I wanted to do a hunger games shoot, I dragged my gorgeous friend, lise into it (who now has a twitter, people! my evil influence is working after all.) and we had fun fun fun. serrisly don't know where I would be without this girl. probably rich and famous. but hey. they things I give up for my friends. geez, I'm so nice.

that last post was actually lise, for anyone who had doubts. she did that evil deed. WHY ARE WE EVEN FRIENDS. ahem. anyway. so, my I haven't posted much lately; the internet is sucky here, so I haven't been able to upload as many photos and videos as I normally would, but an epic video will be coming soon. if it doesn't take me twenty years to upload.

church camp// so much fun. meeting new people, deepening friendships, sitting in the sun, barn dancing, my brother's birthday, singing, music, many many coffees. the bro is twenty two, peeps! go on, embarrass him and wish him a happy birthday. I may or may not have got everyone at camp to sing him happy birthday. brotherembarrassedmuch

friends// they're great. just awesomeness itself. they offer to burn my passports so I can't get back to england. they tell me that my scheme to marry an old, rich man is weird, then they decide to start improving on the plan. they understand that coffee is a beautiful thing. they laugh at me and tell me I'm just plain weird and odd and ridiculous.

God// I feel like adding God as "lately" thing seems rather insolent and cheeky, but honestly God is so amazing, guys. He is literally so full of grace and righteousness. what it is to be a follower of Christ, not a fan. what it is to make your relationship with Him into a fully living, every day, every decision, every thought, every action thing. what it is to be able to say, stuff the world. I want Jesus to take all of me and use it for His glory. if you've never read/watched not a fan then you really, really should.

ok, kids. peace out.

love you all.
be good, who's your fave hungergames character and be generally awesome.

xoxo jess


  1. these are so prettyyyyyy. and I want that video. soon. now.
    I already said happy birthday to your brother, so there. and you are just plain weird, odd, and ridiculous. in the best of ways. :)
    ahhhhh God has been teaching me SO much lately, it hurts. but he's so good through it all. so so good.
    also I no like the hunger games. no likey at all.

  2. PERFECT. SHE IS FLIPPING GORGEOUS. I'm not a HG fan, but these are Ahh-mazing. And she looks like J.Law too!

  3. Omigosh. LOVE THE PICTURES. I am a big HG fan, so I can totes relate. Now I really want to do that.

    happy birthday to your brother! my oldest brother is turning 24 (i think) soon. haha... I shall have to plan up something devious. ;)

    My favorite character is Peeta. ;)



  4. These pictures are fabulous, creative, and just downright gorgeous. I'm really impressed by how much she gives off the Katniss vibe. Well done, both of you!

  5. Wow, what a stunner Lise is...that Hunger Games shoot looks awesome Jess!
    Happy birthday to your brother, I'll be looking out for the video SOON and most definitely, coffee is a beautiful thing, we agree on so much!
    Oh and my favourite character is Katniss... :)

  6. She is so pretty! What a fun and dramatic photoshoot. :))
    I'm looking forward to your video! Happy Birthday to your brother! :)

    Yes! God is SO good. SO full of mercy and love each and every second of the day.

    also, I'm not a hunger games fan so I don't really have a favorite character. :)

    Blessings, Jess!


  7. Wow! She looks like she could play a really good Katniss! haha Lovely shots, Jess! You planning on doing others, yes?

    Favorite characters: Peeta...Finnick...Johanna...


  8. AHH I love these! Lise is so gorgeous, and you "katnissed" her up very well.

  9. The second one blew me away Jess! These are all so good..

  10. oh I seriously am loving this shoot! she looks just like Katniss. awesome. awesome. awesome.
    happy birthday to your brother!;)
    sounds like you have been having an awesome time in NZ:)
    and yes. God is SO good. so thankful to be his child! :)

  11. she looks SO much like Katniss! also, can I have that bow and arrow?

    ohhhh, you have no idea how delightfully wicked and all-knowing i feel right now. bwuahahahahaha. (oh, my favorite one is the last one, btw)
    and i know exactly what you mean about how just mind-blowingly amazing God is. goodness, is he patient or what? sometimes i'm like "God, why do you even bother with me? I'm just gonna keep messing up" but he always comes back with "why wouldn't i bother with you. i died for you, after all." GOODNESS GRACIOUS. if that doesn't make me want to give all i've got for Christ, then i don't know what would! :)
    and i'm still over here drowning all my sorrows in coffee, in case you were wondering. but yeah, i haven't given up yet! i'm working on an evil sheep plan... besides, i know of the one, sure-fire way to get you to stay in the states for a while. it starts with a "r" and ends with an "armitage." (now i just have to convince him to let me kidnap him and use him for blackmail...)
    and i love peeta. and finnick. the end.

  13. these are so freaking beast, okay? i literally cannot even.
    also i don't know what it is with you europeans and the word "cheeky," but i'm liking it. :)

  14. WOW girl, you really did an awesome job on these pictures!!!!!:)


  16. whoa. wow. just whoa. and church camp, friends, and God are all awesome. <3 xx

  17. These are so great! Everything about them is so perfect, wonderful job!

  18. lol,this is so amazing! You both did such a great job.
    Her modeling + your photography = pure awesomeness.

  19. Love these! Especially the 5th one. <3
    Also, my favorite character is Finnick Odair. Cuz he's cool. ;)

  20. how did you get her into this! okay... i have to admit if you asked me i would have screamed yes at the top of my lungs! but you wouldn't want to do a photoshoot with moi in it because i am horrible with posing, and arrows, okay and my hair is NOT long enough to braid into a katniss-braid. plus i hate peeta mellark. please don't hate me! he's just sooooooooooooo lovesick!

    anyways... these are incredibly gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

  21. These are great!! Love it!
    Kimmy x

  22. I love the fifth photo! And happy (belated) birthday to your brother! My favorite character would probably be Finnick :)

  23. I love this photo shoot! I never read the Hunger games nor have I seen the movie, but I love archery so this is really cool!


  24. It's amazing how much she really does look like Katniss! You're amazing, did you know that? ;) Your scheme to marry a rich, old man isn't too weird if his initials are R.C.A. :) Oh we could have a lot of fun coming up with a plan to make this happen, couldn't we? ;) Can I come to the wedding? :)
    Tell your brother happy birthday!

  25. We are SO doing one of these photo shoots when I come to live with you in New Zealand.

    Oh, did I forget to mention that? Well, I am. ;)

    And one word: Peeta. <3 Okay, and I have to mention Finnick too.

    p.s. Happy birthday Mr. Hornblower!!!!

  26. wowza, girlie. these are breathtaking.

  27. oh.my.gosh. these pictures are INCREDIBLE, Jess! wow. wow. wow. she is totally rocking the Katniss look. i especially love the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th ones. wow. :) great job girl! these are amazinggg and so fun. :)


  28. wow, i love all these! the pictures are wonderful and i just absolutely am a fan of the hunger games. great post x

  29. These pictures are incredible! I really love the last one....wow. Just wow. Oh my goodness I lurve the hunger games, and Peeta rocks...and he bakes bread, and he can paint, and he can throw a HUUUUUGGGE bag of flour over his head....need I say more?

  30. Katniss of course is my favorite character!! hahaha But to pick between the guys, Peeta of course! lol

    And also, these pics are frrreakin awesome, jus' sayin!!! ;)


  31. oh my word these are gooooorgeous; i love the second and third ones. she looks a lot like katniss, too!

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