24 May 2013

behind the scenes.

this is a little refreshing post of realness. I think it's necessary sometimes to do a post where I tell you some things about me and my life that are just...real things. not dreamy or beautiful or delightful or amazing, just normal. I know that when I read other blogs, I can sometimes think, "wow. she's pretty much...perfect." but I know that's not all that there is. but I also know that I really really really appreciate a post where a blogger will open herself up or just talk about life how is. just like movies and tv shows, we all have behind the scenes and so today, I want to share some of mine.

sometimes I have days where I'm grumpy. when I didn't get much sleep that night, where my skin has broken out, when it's grey and muddy and yucky outside. I don't particularly feel like being chatty on those days and sometimes I'll be too sarcastic and it ends up just being snappy. 

I do the dishes. I hang out the washing. I clean my bedroom. I clean the bathroom. yes, I even clean the toilet. I weed the garden (though, truth be known, I try and get out of this as much as I can). I paint walls. I put away tools. I clean out the fire. all of these things. they're ordinary, daily things. but they are a part of my everyday life and we all have to do 'em or something like them. yes, they're boring. but they're life and I do them too.

sometimes I have days when that lovely time of the month comes (yup, getting real here) and I just wanna go to bed and sleep it off for an hour or two. when I have to take painkillers but I really don't want to. when laughing at puns is just not gonna happen. when I'd rather just watch movies all day with a hot water bottle and a cup of tea. but, I can't. coz I have to get on with life.

I make messes. I procrastinate. I worry about my looks. I wear sweaters and pj bottoms all day sometimes. I get annoyed at people. I'm not very compassionate. I don't like washing knives and forks. I often wish I was skinner, prettier, or wish that I would just put more thought into wearing something cute. all these things are pretty much natural. it doesn't mean they're right or ok, but they do happen and I want to share with you guys that I do these.

sometimes I have days when I miss people and places and it makes me sad or lonely or whatever. on days when things aren't going right and I'm grumpy and I have boring chores to do, I will try and make the day better. I'll have a coffee or put music on or read my Bible and pray (this is the best) or have a bath or just try and do something to keep myself busy. truthfully, I don't often have full days where I'm really grumpy, coz most times I'll make myself snap out of it, but I do have days where I throw a pity party, which no one wants to join in with (what? why on earth not?). 

so. of course I don't want this is be a big sob story. I'm very content in my life, I'm truly truly grateful for it, and the Lord is my strength in hard times, but what I want this post to be is, an encouragement to all of you bloggers. to just...get real. to just tell people about your life other than the pretty side. if we knew each other in person, then I'm sure you would know these things about me. whenever I feel as though things here on the blog might be getting a little too...sickly sweet, I'm going to post a behind the scenes post to give us all a reminder about real life! phew. that post felt incredibly serious. I'm gonna die now.

love you all.
be good, tell me bout some things that are normal in yo life, and always be awesome.

<3 jess

p.s. realizing that a "being real" post is kinda cliche, my other behind the scenes posts will perhaps be a lil more...light-hearted and ridiculous: like me.


  1. I like this, Jess. And I completely agree with you. I LOVE "behind the scene posts". But I can just imagine myself writing one. And it seems like it would be hard. Was it hard?



    1. um, it was a little bit hard, I guess. but then I thought, if all of the readers on this blog met me, then they'd get to know all this stuff about me anyway, so it shouldn't be any different!

  2. I sometimes wear sweats for days in a row... yep, homeschool life.

  3. this was great! I love bloggers who get real and aren't perfect all the time! ;)

  4. first. i love those pics. especially the first one.
    second. ohhh did you just describe my life?
    third. i wear sweats and a top (my pyjamas) for days on end sometimes.

  5. This is such a good post, Jess, and a great reminder! So true. I also struggle with a lot of the same things that you struggle with. We are imperfect people made by, and loved by, a perfect God. :) (To be profound.) Hehe. He is amazing, isn't He? These pictures are beautiful. <3

  6. yes! thank you for sharing:) I really love seeing these "behind the scenes" posts from other bloggers. mind if I do something similar sometime and link back?:)

    sometimes it's easy to forget that everyone else does the dishes, cleans the toilets, and all have our own struggles, too! and I wear pj's all day sometimes, too...it's really the best;)

    going back to the Lord is always what helps me. I just have to ask for patience or whatever I'm struggling with that day because I know I will noootttt get it on my own! I'm so thankful for His goodness (especially on those grumpy days!).

    ( I don't like washing knives and forks either;)
    thank you for being real + sharing your heart:)

    1. sure, go for it! and when you do one, flick me a link; I'd love to read it :) yes, God is so good!

  7. so true. we all have those todays. and today may have been one of them. xx

  8. A lot of my life is just like this, I love you getting real Jess...very refreshing and lovely!

  9. so beautiful!! thanks so much for this. :D

  10. These pictures are superb and I love what you wrote :) xo

  11. mhmmmm... i love posts like this.
    oh, and COUGH your fourth paragraph? totally can relate. i was laughing and uh-huhing throughout the whole thing. and then your fifth paragraph kinda made me cry because that is ME to a T.
    ANYWAY. thanks so much for this reminder to be real, mah lil sheep.

  12. you wonderful thang you. lady, you are so beautifully real, and that's what I love about you and your blog. :) and I know, I know. you aren't only this pretty little British girl with the fabulous photo skills and humorous posts. but remember, you have an accent, and people with accents automatically have better lives. so there. ;)

    HUGSSS girlfrann. and stay real, like always. you are beautiful.

  13. Thank you for sharing this Jess-- it was very encouraging! ^.^

  14. I'm surprised you didn't add how insecure you are about your nose.
    ahem. oops, it feels like being funny is just out of place now. nope but seriously, Jess, this is good stuff. and thank the Lord, not a cliche "being real" post. haha. I'm sometimes anti-social and grumpy a lot, let's be real. and here I thought you were so flawless. (except for your nose, of course.)
    yer cool. also I like these pictures. love yoouuuuu.

  15. our conversations almost always end up spilling over into our blogs, no?

    gosh this was great. I LOVE your idea of sharing some realness whenever things get too dreamy. and it's brave. really brave.

    gahhhhhh I love you. WHY MUST YOU LIVE IN ENGLAND?!