9 August 2013

profile // daniel

my nephew. he's curly haired and precious and wild and ridiculous and handsome and hilarious and I've been his aunty for eight years now. he thinks that infinity is said 'infiddy' and secretly he loves cuddles and kisses.
he dances to singing in the rain and he builds things with lego that I could never make. his eyes are the darkest, most delicious brown and his skin is smooth and olive. sometimes he feels too cool (what is this? how weird is it that kids actually are starting to think that I'm too old to be cool?) to hold hands, but other times, I catch him when he's tired or distracted and he'll take my hand without a word. he is determined, harder than anything to get on camera and he believes that batman and spiderman have nothin' on him. ain't got nothin.

he's my boy. and I love him.

love you all. 

be good, I'm back in england now, and isn't he gorgeous.


  1. He is so adorable. :) I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU'RE BACK WE MISSED YOU. seriously cannot wait to see all your photos.
    Oh, and it was 88 degrees here in Washington State yesterday. ;)

  2. awwh dang he's so precious. I honestly can't wait to become an aunt. that will be so weird. but it will be so great. who cares about being a mom, just give me nieces and nephews to spoil.
    also yay regular blogging!! MISS YOU SO.

  3. Oh no, cute little kiddies are my weakness. Can I adopt him? Seriously, he has the words adorable written all over.
    And welcome back to the blog world, sort of. Take me with you to NZ next time, 'k?

  4. He's so cute!!! I love his curls :)

  5. AHHHH you're back in England! we should get together!

    oh wait... I don't live in England. Darn it. ;)

    p.s. I love these pictures LOTS. I am going to go kidnap the boy.

  6. eheeeeee... i'm fairly certain i met this young chap, didn't i? ;) he pretty much spells adorable.

    so glad you're back to blogging! i'll be looking forward to your posts and profiles and all that jazz. can't say i'm happy you're back in england because... WELL YOU KNOW A CERTAIN SOMETHING DIDN'T WORK OUT. but hey that just gives me a really good excuse to come live in england for a while.

  7. GOSH AND GOODNESS. is he cute. I mean cute in a totally manly and curly adorableness.
    its a 100 DEGREES here and you can have it. it is WAY to hot for me.
    so happy you're back!!!

  8. And he's adorable. You forgot to mention that he's adorable. ;)

  9. My younger sister has the darkest, most delicious brown eyes and olive skin too...but she hasn't got curly hair!! :P
    He's so precious, how awesome to be an aunt Jess!

  10. All of these are so very cute and fun. Your photography is so wonderful Jess!!
    I am so glad you are back to blogging! I look forward to future posts!

  11. these are so cute! second and sixth are my face. :) i love black and white pictures. :D

  12. TAKE MY FREAKING SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. lovin the new design!

  13. YAY AND NAY!

    Yay because I absolutely love your posts like so so so much, and im so happy youre back and yeah.
    nay because i know NZ must have been like paradise, and you had so much fun, and youre back in (rainy) England. but that's okay because i wanna go to england sometime even though its rainy. and this comment makes no sense.

    okay, these are like. pretty dang gorgeous, Jess. Like really how do you do it?

    but anyway, yeah, happy youre back!



    ps- how does one do a skype with you? do they have to be like super good friends or something. because otherwise it might be awkward. but i dont care. haha, but if you ever do a group chat/skype/whatever please let me know!!!! If you're inviting people or whatever haha.
    okay. im done. i promise.

  14. awh, these are so precious. I'm not an aunt yet but I 'm pretty sure when I do become one I will be on of those crazy aunts that spoil their nieces and nephews:)

    yay for back to regular blogging! cannot wait to hear about more of your adventures! :-)

  15. ahhh these are so precious. I love his curls. <3 jessjessjess I miss you! did you ever get my little letter? ;D

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  17. Yay for regular blogging! Your blog is so much fun to read. Also, I love the pictures.
    He is so cute.

  18. Awww, he's so cute! Love this post. :)
    Glad you're back!

  19. He's so cute! His curly hair is just adorable. :) My little brother is eight, and he also has chocolate brown eyes, and olive skin. Little boys are precious. This is also such a sweet post!

  20. thank you sis for the awesome pictures of dan they are fantastic love you

    1. hehehe no probs...he gets his looks from me, obviously, being downright gorgeous and all :D love ya!