24 November 2013

beth and tony | north england lifestyle photographer

(if you think that I do my shoots in the wrong order, because I posted the birth shoot first, you may or may not be right, but who's to decide?)

my sister, beth and her husband tony wanted some baby bump pictures, which was all fine and dandy, until the actual day, when they decided to be cheeky and make taking pictures and my poor lil life difficult...so. all the photos swing from being very dramatic to...well, bloopers. but! they are fun and lovely and crazy and hilarious, so they made up for it. 

things she was excited for
what colour her hair was
type of temper/personality
to be a mummy to a beautiful girl
to kiss her lips!
whether ducks would excite her

things he was excited for
what she would look like
to be a dad
to have his own lil family!
seeing her for the first time
to smell her forehead

so, yeah, basically, cuteness abounds.
love you all.
be good, hey notice anything different blog-wise and kiss a hedgehog.

p.s. if you didn't notice anything blog-wise, that's ok (well, apart from being very slightly unobservant), coz I'll tell you. I have redesigned! no matter how hard I try, my heart and soul always swing back to the good ole black and white colour scheme. so, have a nosey around my new about, new reader and favourites page, because being nosey is fun.


  1. Wow, this post is so awesome! love it. Grace xxx

  2. Love these pictures! They are so adorbs, and can most definitely tell were a little sneaky and silly. haha. You did fabulously with these pictures, Jess :)

    And yes! I most definitely noticed your new design, and, on that note, I love it! Its simply beautiful.
    Speaking of which, I'm dying to know how you design your blog.....do you use a specific program? I'm looking around and finding no success.

    Love ya!

    1. thanks so much, lovely! nope, I don't use a specific program, I just do lotsa editing in html/css/javascript and all that good stuff. if you're not too sure how to do html, then a good place to start is by using the 'simple' template in blogger, and you can just do a lot of editing just in the customise section! hope that helps?

  3. oh man oh man bethy is just so pretty. you did a great job with these. especially because maternity photos can be really awkward sometimes, let's be real. but these are precious. amen. jenn approves. and your design is loooovely. you're lovely. I like your face. okay I should stop before you get a big head. whew. bye.

  4. ahhh, they're just so CUTE. second to last one is probably my fave.

  5. Love the new look. And these are too precious. :)

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely stuff Jess! When I first saw the couple, I thought your sister looked a lot like you, scrolled down and oh, she's your sister.,.that makes sense.
    Hope you don't mind if I pin a few, they're lovely really. :) xo

  7. Aw these are so cute, Jess!! Obsessed with your new design––it's perfect!

  8. Beth looks a lot like you and love the pictures=)

  9. these are gawwwgous. seriously. legit-ly (totally a word). They are both very photogenic and they both look excited to have a wee little baby on the way!

    And of course, your design is magnifique, as usual. duh. I mean, some people just get allll the talent. ;)

  10. you're talented, you and bethy look a lot alike, and the soft colours. mm mm mmmmm. also, your brother in law looks like a freckled, happy, adorable hobbit.

  11. I love these pictures so much. They're such a cute couple and they just look so happy. Plus, they're both super photogenic (great job on the pictures btw). I love your blog and your new design. That's all.
    In Christ,

  12. lovely lovely photos. boy do you two look alike or something...