9 December 2013

behind the scenes mark II

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as many of you know, I'm living on a building site right now, because our house is being renovated. well, let me tell ya, if there was any thought in your mind that house renovation was glamorous or just like an easy diy off pinterest, then put that thought away. in a deep dark corner. or in the bin. or in the bin in a deep dark corner. because oooh boy, it's the pure, unadulterated opposite of glamour. 

sometimes, you're standing in cold, wet, veeeerrry dirty bathroom that the builders completely killed because they had to smash the roof in, and you're wiping down walls with a freezing cold cloth and sweeping up dirt and brick dust and plaster and more dirt and *scream!* that was a spider

sometimes, you're outside in thirty-three degrees from four o'clock in the afternoon to nine o'clock at night, measuring, cutting and putting insulation in the floors. oh, it's cold and damp and hard and dirty and boring and annoying. you're tired and you kinda just want to have some food and curl up into bed and be warm and drink three cups of tea all at once.

sometimes, you're sleeping in the lounge and you get woken up early because of someone in the kitchen in the morning. sometimes, you have to tiptoe (steel-toe-capped-shoes, never fear) through demolished debris on the floor just to get to the bathroom. sometimes, the only thing your mind will think about is the project and how long and when and how and woohoo. basically, it's all a very...messy mess. a messy mess with a purpose.

sometimes, you get dirt in your hair from scooting underneath that plastic covering and wearing pretty, cute clothes is kinda just a no-go, coz you'll brush up against a dirty wall, or get splattered with mud or enveloped in dust (this happens often; I think I now mainly consist of dust). sometimes, you find your hands covered in cuts and grazes and what-how-on-earth-where-is-that-dirt-from.

my life at the moment is crazy and messy and what-the-heck and not glamorous. but it is my life and although I don't love all parts, I certainly certainly do love it. so, please do tell me about some of your behind the scenes, coz honestly, I'd love to know and hashtag yayweallhavenormallives!

be good (or evil), kids.

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  1. I feel your pain with the mess. My family's house is pretty much always a work in progress. We started with old,nasty,gross house and have been re-doing it ever since. So these photos look very familiar. But I promise it gets better, maybe. Yes. :)

  2. This is awesome. :) I love the pictures too. <3

  3. I feel your pain with the mess too (particularly because Damien looks really pained and all that, so...). But we all have different aspects in life that need constant repairing and building (physically, mentally, educationally -- whut?!). So yes, my life's pretty (not pretty) crazy at the moment because #yayweallhavenormallives!

    PS. The photos make construction look interesting, though. I said interesting, not immensely spectacular.

  4. Is that Damien's stressed sheep look? ;)
    Nah, I'm not making fun, that really looks like a lot of work! Wordy, hats off to you guys for tackling such a big job.
    And if I had twitter, I would so be hashtagging #yayweallhavenormallives! Buuut I don't, so I'll have to be content just saying Yay, we all have normal lives! Hehehe. :D I love it when bloggers get real and honest and gritty. Woooonderful post, mah lil sheep.

  5. I will forever love your black and whites, amen and amen.
    also, yay for more behind-the-scenes-real-life-ness. and it's lovely to see you loving your life, even with all the messy and nitty gritty stuff. wahh girl I miss you. let's skype soon??

  6. Thank you so much for your authenticity! It's a shame when people pretend to be someone they're not, as if there's something wrong with just being honest and saying, "hey, my life isn't perfect." Cuz whose is?

    So thank you very much :). God bless you!

  7. Hahaha your behind-the-scenes look at this is so down-to-earth and entertaining! :) I know what you mean, though--we had an addition added to our house when I was little and I remember thinking that it was the coolest thing in the world (because I was 8 and I loved dirt) but looking back on it now, I totally understand why my mother couldn't wait for it to just be over!!

    LOVE your photos--they're absolutely breathtaking :)

    Great blog, following! :)

    Rebecca Gregoire