20 December 2014


if you were wondering whether we will ever get through these travel posts, we will. eventually. promise (mr frodo). while petie was here, we went to go visit some famous stately homes (haddon hall, chatsworth house). we set off early (ish. you know how these things are) and drove through bakewell (the cutest lil village ever with the yummiest bakewell tarts), where we had to stop for a coffee (of course we did. what is an adventure without coffee. adventures exist solely on the fact that coffee will be involved.) and then we walked through the village for a bit (damien obviously needed a pie) and bought my dad a coconut tart. then we went to haddon hall, which was probably ranks in my top five favourites out of all the historic castles/abbeys/houses I've seen in england. we knew beforehand that it was prince humperdinck's castle (from 'a princess bride'. I cannot tell you how much we all love this film. we were all kinda giddy at the thought of being in humperdinck's castle.) and instantly recognized it from the movie (as you can see me + damien in the top two pictures are acting out the my people! scene. heh.). but, while we were there, me and petie were walking through the whole thing going, this looks like it's from a jane eyre film! ah this looks so familiar! isn't this where jane + mr rochester stood outta the rain? this looks like where they got married! then at the end, we asked one of the employees whether a jane eyre had been filmed there. it turned out that three jane eyre's had and about twenty-five other films! whaaaaat.

then we went to chatsworth house (the 2005 pride and prejudice pemberly), which is humongous to say the least (guys I wanna live there). the grounds are huge and the duke of devonshire owns something like three or four villages in the surrounding area. like what the heck. does he have a son (joking kids joking. maybe.). you guys have probably seen pictures that I've taken there before, but don't be silly, of course you wanna see more. so, we walked to the teeny tiny tenant village that was relocated specially by one of the previous dukes (because it was in the way of his landscaping. no overreacting there, nope, none at all) and had tea + scones while guessing how much it would cost to hire out chatsworth for a wedding or something (you know, for when me + richard get married). then we headed home as the sun set (guys it was sooooo pretty), all kinda sleepy and ready for more coffee and food and more coffee.

also. I kinda wanted to share some links that I've enjoyed this week. so. here. have some links.
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love you all.


  1. So when I come to England, can we camp on the lawn at Chatsworth?

  2. It looks like you all had a lot of fun! Your photography is stunning! Awesome post, Jess!

  3. theses photos are beautiful Jess! they just keep coming!

  4. I love all these! and your pictures make me feel like I'm really there.

  5. Just stop. This is too perfect. Oh my.