6 August 2015


I'm pretty sure if there was a list for worst bloggers in twenty fifteen, I'd be on it. I've been the most terrible blogger and my only excuse is busyness. an update-y post is coming soon! I can't wait to update you guys on all that's been happening and also to just hear about your lives! meanwhile, let's talk about jenn. I've known jenn for years, and guess how we met? through blogging (obviously when I was much better at this consistent-blogging stuff ha), of course. then, a several months later, we met in london and had the most amazing, crazy, hilarious + completely fantastic three days running around the city, seeing all the sights with her family + mine. two years later (filled with many emails! skype calls! internet is amazing!), she comes back to my side of the world and stays with us for three days while we're holidaying in wales. I realise that this is kinda starting to sound like a love story (there were no "todds" from e-harmony involved I promise)....and then we got married and moved to switzerland and both took up wildflower picking while drinking beer for medicinal purposes. the end! in other words, we had a wonderful three days exploring wales and being weird and singing and taking pictures and drinking coffee (well, jenn only drinks beer, but ya know). not to mention she's like a perfect little forest nypmh + has the most beautiful face ever. come back any time, my jenn de la creme. 

love you all!

p.s. thank you guys so much for your amazing support on my last post! if you haven't seen already, episode one of mind the gap is live and episode two is airing monday 10th, so go and subscribe!


  1. These are so gorgeous! I especially love the black and white ones. It must be fun traveling with friends! :D

  2. HOW pretty are these photographs??!! I mean, these are crazy good. And it's so neat that you were able too meet up with Jenn! xx

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  3. These are so gorgeous. I'm moving from North Carolina to Wales this September, so I have to squeal everytime I get to see snippets of my future home. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love Jenn! And these photos are just gorgeous.

  5. your angles on her portraits are lovely.