30 September 2015


instagram has got to be one of my all time favourite social media platforms. I mean, amiright? maybe it's because it's so visual or maybe it's because liking pictures is so doubletappin easy or maybe it's because some people have the most amazing intsagram feeds in the history of ever. so, the obvious next step is to tell you all my favourite (or rather, this past month's favourites, ha...) instagram accounts, of course! let us begin the wonderful journey that is instagram talent...

truth is, I'm a sucker for gorgeous landscape + travel photos. are you a traveller-instagrammer? imma gonna follow you, fo sho. frostyphoto's images are consistently stunning, the kind you want to like three times, but you can't coz instagram won't let you.

besides being absolutely gorgeous, she is a crazy amazing photographer. her travel photos are to die for (you'll notice a pattern with all my insta faves. hashtagtravel) + and I think you should go follow her now, yes? but not before you've seen the other eight faves, so hold on.

I mean, who doesn't love this dude? his images are outta this world (but not really, coz he does in fact stay on this planet) and the way he incorporates stunning locations with gorgeous people is just outrageous! how does he even get people to those locations? I need to know how his trade secrets.

there are three things that I kinda look for in instagram photos: 1) landscapes and/or travel 2) simplicity 3) brights and whites. see below for my insta-heaven...and also, she is a coffee-drinking queen + an architectural-lover. what more could you want in your instagram feed, I ask you?

the fact that it says 'world explorer' in the bio is more than enough for me to press the follow button, to be completely honest with you. but it just so happens that his images are unbelievably, outrageously, and stunningly amazing (I actually just stare at them for a full minute sometimes). also, he's just finished travelling around nz for like, the longest time, so if ya want to see what my country looks like? go check out his unbelievably wow instagram!

as much as I love travel + landscape instagram accounts, sometimes it's nice to have a touch of whimsy in your feed. heather is not only an amazing photographer, but she's also hilarious, adorable + hilarious (heh). her images are full of pretty details + coffee + lovely looking faces (not to mention the moody edits she does. so, so good!), so she's definitely a fave of mine!

ok, so maybe I'm slightly biased on this one, but hear me out! petie (one of the bestest people on the planet ever) takes some of the most bright, colourful, coffee-lovin photos I've ever been privileged to cast my winkers (eyes. for those of you who don't know 1800s thieve's slang, gosh) on. also, I love that she's genuinely interested in people's lives + what they think, so um, whatcha waiting for? go follow!

ok, fine, I admit it. I'm addicted to travel instagram accounts. there! I said it! this dude's desert-y -type images with all their moody tones are so, so beautiful. by the time you've seen ten of his photos, you feel the need to jump in a plane and go to cali to explore it all + be as cool as him.

I kinda hope I'm getting all their names right, but if I'm getting them wrong, I apologise right here, right now. dylan's gallery is somethin else. the colours + tones are so consistent, yet all of his pictures are amazingly diverse. also, I really love that he talks about what he's been learning from the Lord or what God has been teaching him in his posts. super encouraging! 

again, I might be a lil biased with this one, but this girl is so intentionally creative, it's crazy. her pictures are wonderful, full of whimsy + always beautiful. somehow she manages to post a huge variety of pictures (both personal + professional) to her instagram and they all look amazingly splendid together. if tried what she did, I'd end up in a mess of crazy + bad. 

so there you have it, those are some of my insta-faves! hope you enjoy noseying at their amazing galleries and also, let me know your favourite intsagram accounts in the comments below coz I love me some new insta feeds to look at! and if you haven't already, be sure to check out my wee instagram heh heh heh.

love you all.

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  1. THank you for doing this Jess!!!! I love new insta feeds to follow!!!!!

  2. Oo, these looks so fascinating! I'll definitely give them a follow!

  3. This.. is why I need to download Instagram now :D

  4. Oh, yes, I'd have to agree with you - Payton's account is pretty outstanding - as is yours, of course. (Duh.) I don't really "do" much Instagram, but I do love instagram.com/laraanastasia. :D She's pretty talented. (Although I'm rather biased - she's a great friend of ours. BUT she IS certainly talented with a camera, plus she's a fan of coffee, like yourself, hehe.)
    ~Miss Meg March

  5. OOOOOH HECK YES TO ALL OF THESE, i have so many i am actually planning a blog post just like this one, following on from my previous [bookstagram] post - off the top of my head: humansofny (BECAUSE ASDFGHJKKL), thebookjacket, myflopatrick, to.by and SO MANY MORE (goes off to carry on my double-tapping crazy life) ;)

  6. Oh, I just saw your Mind the Gap episode - I can only say two things: 1) You guys love the Lion King ;D and 2) you make me laugh. So, you said we can ask any question we want and you also mentioned you'd do a Q+A.. My question is, when are we suppose to start asking questions for that? :D I can't wait for the next episode now (you guys sure know how to draw out suspense, sheesh).
    ~Miss Meg March