16 September 2010

BBC Bleak House

Bleak House is a TV Series based on the novel written by Charles Dickens. It was directed by Andrew Davis and produced by BBC in 2005. It has a star-studded cast of heart-warming Denis Lawson, Anna Maxwell Martin—playing the main role, an icily beautiful Gillian Anderson, Alun Armstrong, a hilarious Burn Goman and many more excellent actors. Runs approx for 8 hours (get ready for a long ‘un!)



It is rated at certified PG, but I will add a bit more in! It is quite a dark film, with not many ‘happy moments’ if you will, but the ending is a happy one I’m glad to say. By saying dark, I mean quite a bit of death and the characters in the story live in dark places, like brick-making factories and dreary shops in the poor parts of London.
The death is not graphic, but I would say that younger children would perhaps best not to watch those areas in the film as they are quite sad and sometimes very odd! There is no violence as such in the film, only threats to violence but no violent scenes. There is no immodest clothing in this film either, all the ladies’ dresses are modest; thank goodness to that too. The language is very good as well! And last but not least, there is no sexual content in Bleak House, only about 5 kissing scenes, and if they disturb anyone too much I suggest you fast-forward!
The acting is very good and the setting is interesting as it is real; the filming is great, sometimes a little OTT (you’ll know what I mean if you watch it—here’s a clue: ching, ching, ching!), but I enjoy it. However, for those of you thinking, “my goodness this sounds like the most dreary movie alive!” it certainly has some very funny moments in it and I’ll leave you to watch it to find those parts!
For those who love mystery, romance and a bit of tragedy this is definitely the watch for them!

“Oh my eye, ‘e don’t look well.” –Mr. Smallweed

This story follows a young woman, who has no family or connections and no money; Esther Sumerson (Anna Maxwell Martin), as she is called, is asked to become a companion for another young lady who is going to live with her cousin. The story quickly delves into 5 lives at once, introducing many characters, personalities and their livelihoods, and although Esther is the main character, Dickens does a wonderful job of tying all their lives together. It’s an intricate plot, and mystery, murder, love, and goodness are all spilled out largely over it. Esther then becomes a companion for a pretty young woman named Ada, who, as was explained before, was going to stay with her cousin John Jarndyce (Denis Lawson) and was also accompanied by her other cousin Richard—a very enthusiastic and impulsive young man. They meet up with a very superior Lady Dedlock, who is interested in Esther but tries not to show it, and Esther goes through many trials of which Lady Dedlock knows all about.
They all are tied up in a law suit: Jarndyce and Jarndyce, which if solved will mean that someone will become very wealthy indeed. But will they realize that the law suit ties them all together before it’s too late and will Esther find her real family?

“Sit down my dear. This you know is the Growlery. When I am out of humour, I come here and growl.” --Mr. John Jarndyce.

My Christian Review
Well, after all that! The one thing I love about Bleak House is that Esther displays such goodness! Some of the Christian characteristics in this film are something we can all learn from. Esther is very patient, and loving, and discerning. She knows what is right and wrong and she is not afraid to say so, she is quiet but she is determined and strong. Some of the things we could certainly learn from and apply right? Also, Mr. John Jarndyce is the very picture of kindness and generosity; he would do anything for anyone and he—also like Esther—has a very strong sense of right and wrong.
Ada is very yielding, she would do anything anyone asked her to do and wouldn’t think about the consequences, but she is very gentle and innocent. Richard, is very impulsive (like we all are!) and unfortunately not discerning or a man with great understanding or experience. I could go on saying about all the other characters, but I won’t. The other characters all have good and bad qualities, I leave you to do the rest if you watch it! Also, they are seen at church once I believe, but I have no doubt that they were, what are called ‘Sunday Christians’!
God bless and I hope you’ve enjoyed this review Please note that this is only my view on this film, by all means watch this film and see what you think of it.

Mr. Guppy, this must stop. You are wasting your time—please stop!” –Miss Esther Sumerson

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  1. Good job! Love the review!!! I do say, Miss nzkiwigirl, you are quite the writer of reviews, (a very good one I mean).
    God Bless!