17 September 2010

Yours Truly 50 Followers...

Starts: 21st Sep. Ends: 30th Sep

How to enter:

Bring as many followers as you can to Yours Truly and you must comment to tell me who you've brought and how many (or else I can't know how many you've brought!). Whoever brings the most followers wins. If Yours Truly gets 50 followers before the end date of the competition then the competition will end automatically.

3 personalized desktop backgrounds courtesy of nzkiwigirl photography.
The choices are from 5 themes:

Other information:
-If you bring followers before the start date, they do not count.
-I'll need to know your email address to send you the desktop backgrounds; if you win, then put a comment on and write your email address--I won't publish the comment don't worry!
-When commenting for the competition: please comment on THIS page. Ta.
-If you win, then you may choose from the themes, and also specific things in that theme e.g. Wildlife/Animals theme will have: dogs, cats, horses, birds ect. and the winner may choose from the specifics I produce.
Hope that makes sense to you all! I would love for you all to join, so please do!!
And the prize is not just for blog-owners either--so for those with no blogs can enter too:-)

1 comment:

  1. Wooohhhh!!!! How exciting!! I shall be sure to enter, nzkiwigirl!!! ... I guess that is all I can think of to say. LOL!
    God Bless!