6 October 2010

AGLFW--Day 6

Going to youth group /OR/ Going to work
"Teens: How do you dress at youth group? Adults: How do you dress for work?
To the teens…youth group is a great place to hang out with Christian friends, play games, worship, and gain some Bible knowledge! What do you wear for an event like this?"

Well, Day 6 already! Wow. Here's my 'going to youth group' entry. I was going to do the 'going to work' one, even though I don't go to work! I love work clothes, coz when I do get a job it'll probably be working with my dad and the job will probably start off as secretary. Though I'll do my best to work up to manager!! LOL Plus my sister is making a pencil skirt for me and I was going to wear that, but it's not finished yet:-)
So I decided to steal my sisters boots and do the Youth Group one. This outfit isn't the most spectular of outfits, but hey. It's comfy and I wouldn't do anything particulary "amazing" for a youth group. Though in this case I don't go to Youth Group--only a Girls Group! Hope you like it.

Sorry you can't see the necklace in this one.
Top: Given
Jeans: £5?
Ugg Boots: My sisters again!
Paua Necklace: Birthday gift
Paua Earrings: Birthday gift as well!

Close-up on the earrings and the necklace if you can see it!

You can see the top's belt there.

Ok, ok, I know I look short! What happened here? Believe me, it was the camera angle--I'm NOT THAT SHORT!
I look like a pixie and that smile makes me look like I'm 2....sigh, maybe I always look like I'm 2....


  1. CUTE! And you wont always look 2! you dont even look it now!

  2. I love that shirt! The over all look is really cute! :)

  3. I didn't have time to participate in this fashion week (too busy with school and everything) but I have kind of been...stalking...the posts. I just want to say I really like your entries!