7 October 2010

AGLFW--Day 7

Going out to eat

"What would you wear to a nice restaurant?
Fancy restaurants are such a treat! Whether you go there with family or girlfriends or that special male friend, it’s always fun. How do you dress for such an occasion?"

Well, this is the pencil skirt that you were going to see yesterday--my sister finished it for me! Thanks sis.
I don't go "out to dinner" often, when we do, it's usually nothing too fancy! But on occasion we have been to nice places and it's fun to dress up and to do more "out there" make-up. Though I didn't do anything out there for the photo shoot, as I hadn't the time!
I love pencil skirts, coz you can make them look informal and formal--for work, for going out somewhere posh, for going to church, for going out into town, or just hanging out with friends. I love high-waisted anything....my one weakness.
Here is my entry for today.

White Shirt: £1.50
NonPareil design, "Miss Grey Pencil Skirt": made by my sister!
Pearl necklace: given
Pearl dangle earrings: given by my mum
Shoes: £5
Green, button jacket: £3
I'm wearing a ribbon in my hair too--steel grey.

One with the Jacket...

One of the shoes as well

And my fave pearl necklace bought for me by 2 of my best friends!


  1. I love this outfit. I love the high waist too.

  2. All the outfits you've posted have been so cute! I LOVE the pencil skirt! :)

  3. said it before, and I'm saying it again, I LOVE YOUR OUTFITS. You are adorable. Even though you are outside of the US I still think you should win...unfortunately this isn't my contest...but you have my vote of confidence (although it counts for nothing).

  4. Thanks so much Isabella! Glad you like the outfits, but much of the credit goes to my sister who made the clothes! I love going vintage so most of my outfits are semi-vintage, semi-modern. Thanks again for the comments!

  5. Love this whole outfit, and the jacket is SO CUTE!