8 October 2010

AGLFW---Day 8...last day

Going to the park and/or on a hike

"What will you wear when the weather is chilly and you’re enjoying God’s great outdoors?
Color is gracing the leaves of trees this time of year and the scent of autumn fills the air. It’s so lovely to be outside and take a hike through the woods or a walk in the park. What do you wear that’s cute and warm, appropriate for the nippy fall weather?"

I love going for country walks---just so long as they aren't super long! LOL I love going for walks by myself--just thinking and enjoying the fresh air, and praying alone!
But here in England, you can't go walking in trainers and a t-shirt; nope. It's gummies (for those of you who aren't NZers and don't know what gummies are= wellingtons, gumboots, wellies!), warm pants, ice-breakers (thermal tops), and jackets. Oh, and don't forget the good, old umbrella.
Can't forget one of those.
Especially in Autumn, it gets grey, wet and cold. And for me as well, I have to make sure that I have LOTS of layers on, coz I get cold really easily.
Because when you are up on those English hills, and the wind is blowing, you don't want to be caught without something warm! And I am in love with this hat as well--I re-discovered it yesterday and it is my source of warmth and cuteness! Here is my entry, it's nothing amazing--but who wears anything super fashionable when they are walking in the country??? Hehe.

Ice-breaker thermal: My mum's!
Black singlet: ??
Skinny Leg Jeans: £4
Gummies: I literally can't remember
Little hat: my sister crocheted it.

My sister caught such a vintage look for the picture! And a close-up of the top.

I had to pose for this one! Total 50's dance-girl pose....
If any of you have seen Singing in the Rain, you know what I mean!

Another one of the whole outfit and not my face! *Sigh of relief....*

 A HUGE thanks to Mod Style Lounge for posting this event--I have had such fun and I'm so glad they had this event (please head over and give them a round of applause!)! And a big thanks to my sister who put up with me: took photos, lent me her things, and made so many of those items that I wore. And thanks to all who commented on my posts! You're all so lovely. Don't forget to head over to MSL to vote!


  1. Oh my, what an adorable photoshoot! :) I've really enjoyed looking through all your fashion week entries.

  2. Love this outfit! The hat and boots are really cute. :)