2 October 2010

A Girl's Life Fashion Week--Mod Style Lounge

Day 2

Going to a formal

"Modest, classy, but not too expensive. How will you pull it off?
Weddings, parties, and Saturday fun! Just don’t stay out too late, church is tomorrow! What are you wearing to the formal event?" 
I didn't manage to do Day 1 as I was still unwell--but I am slowly on the mend! I love the classy, sophisticated, vintage look, so I did my hair 50-ish. I was so cold when my sister was taking the pictures--I got straight into some warmer clothes when I'd finished! Here's my entry:

NonPareil design, "Aimee' Dress": Made by my sister!
 Belt: £4
Shoes: £5
Jacket: £3

The "nzkiwigirl2 photography" watermark was for my sister!
Toodles my lovelies!!


  1. I love your outfit! So cute and classy. =)


  2. i love the 50s look! so cute...and your hair is so adorable. :)

  3. What a great dress! You look so lovely;)