3 October 2010

A Girl's Life Fashion Week--Day 3

Day 3
Going to Church.
I love getting dressed for church--it's so much fun! Sometimes I can't be bothered to get all "niced-up" and I'll just put something normal on, but other times it's great to put on something unique, fun and fashionable.
Here is my entry for today. I hope you can see the whole outfit, and it's all clear!

NonPareil design, "Doris Skirt": again made by my sister!
Cowboy top: £5
White Tank Top: ?
Brown belt: £2
Boots: £15
(gosh, I look snobby!)

No jokes folks, the umbrella wasn't just for looks!


  1. omgoodness, i totally heart that outfit! very cute!

  2. So cute! I just love your outfit! =)


  3. Your outfits are all really cute so far! You have a great sense of style!!! ♥

  4. Love it!!! So cute nzkiwigirl!!!
    Oh how I wish I could've joined this competition - but I don't have a blog. :(
    But anyway, really like the vintage-y look to it!
    Really eligible for church!