13 October 2010

Romantic Make-up Tutorial...

Hi Everyone!
I have finally done my first Beauty video! Yah! All done and dusted---but not done very well I'm afraid! I'm so sorry that it is so long, and very amateur-ish and not very logically made. *sheepish smile* Next time it will be shorter, more professional (hopefully) and more logical and informative! Also, I'm sorry for my messy hair and dark circles, I wasn't very well prepared! This look is a more natural--not heaps of eye shadow and stuff--just to enhance your eyes.
But, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate and enjoy the tutorial. Try out this look and have fun girls.
Good luck!


  1. Good work! I really enjoyed the video! Maybe you and your sister could do a video together? Just a thought. :) Can't wait until the next one! :D

  2. Aw I love you too cupcake! Nice video :) Is your hair teased, or does it naturally sit like that?

    Oh, and I love your sister too. Just like I remember...

  3. Thanks! No, my hair isn't teased! I don't like teasing my hair, it's just a side parting.
    Why? Does it look strange?? haha!

  4. No it looks pretty. I was just wondering because it sits really well, not sticking flat to your head or anything.

  5. Lise,
    Yeah, I like to have volume! Side partings always add volume--so that's what I try and go for. Coz my hair can sometimes be quite flat and I look silly with flat hair! But adding shorter layers around the top of hair can make it sit well too.

    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial. I'll ask my sister if I can use her as my next make-up model! She's much prettier than me anyway!
    The next ones will probably be natural face washes or cleansers. Thanks for watching!

  6. very nice! I love the look. You are so pretty, even before the makeup! A trick with mascara I do is put it on the bottom AND top of the upper lashes. It makes them look thicker and lasts longer. I never thought of using blush as eyeshadow. I'll try that sometime!

  7. Thanks Sarah!
    Yeah, I forgot about that trick! I normally don't do it, but I know that it looks better when it's done that way!
    Haha, yup. The old "I haven't gone out to buy pink eye-shadow, so I'll use blush" trick! LOL Thanks for watching.