10 October 2010

Interview---Sarah Rupp from Mod Style Lounge

Sarah is, at the moment, the creator and admin of the fantastic blog: Mod Style Lounge and along with two other young ladies, Haylie and Madeline, they do a great job of keeping Mod Style Lounge flowing with tons of interesting posts. Sarah is also training to be a cosmetologist and a wonderful teacher on inner beauty—something us girls need to focus on more I think! She also has her own personal blog: True Gold. Once you’ve read the interview head on over to the blog, and check out the awesomeness of it allJ Enjoy folks.

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From Sarah's profile.

What inspired you to start Mod Style Lounge?
I had a chance to go to the She Speaks writer conference by winning a devotional contest and getting a full scholarship to the conference. My room-mates were two lovely ladies, Eden and Kaley, both high school students, and as I talked with them during the week, I found we both expressed interest in modest fashion, modesty that is also fashionable. We all agreed that fashion and modesty are often separated and we didn’t like that. We kept in touch with each other and a few months later, decided to start a blog about it, since we all liked to write as well (we did meet at a writer’s conference!). Eventually, Kaley and Eden needed to resign and we added on two new staff writers, Madeline and Haylie. Depending on when this article is up, we might have two more new writers now (not replacing anyone)!

What are your interests?
I LOVE writing! I’m trying to finish a novel currently, but I’m a cosmetology student and that takes up most of my time. I hope to get back into writing after I graduate. Cosmetology is another one of my interests. I love doing hair and helping women feel beautiful. It hurts my heart to hear a beautiful lady think she is ugly or doesn’t measure up. God made her beautiful, and a woman saying she’s ugly is like telling God He made a mistake.

If you could say only one sentence to a young lady, what would it be/consist of?
Know you are beautiful and live it!

Tea or Coffee?
Tea! It comes in so many varieties and is relaxing to drink. Coffee is bad for your skin and teeth. =]

Could you give us a few tips on make-up?
Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty. If you never come to peace with how beautiful you are without makeup, you’ll end up trying to cover everything up and wearing too much. If someone says they can’t tell that you’re wearing makeup, take it as a compliment. That’s the sign of a good makeup job.

What is your favourite verse in the Bible?
Romans 12:2, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Do you know what you’ll do in the future—after cosmetology school?
I hope to pass state board and get my cosmetology licence, get a job as a professional cosmetologist, and write a bestselling novel. =] But most of all, I hope in each of those things, people can see how good God is through me.

What makes you really angry?
It makes me angry when girls don’t appreciate their femininity. I feel like when girls think they can do everything a guy can do and better, they’re saying God messed up when making them a female. We have certain advantages over males because we’re females and males have certain advantages over us. They’re not the same advantages. I know some of you won’t like to hear that, but that’s really the way God meant it to work! It also makes me mad when it gets to the point that the media puts down guys and depicts them as stupid. Like I said before, we both have different strengths and weaknesses. That’s why God made a man and woman so perfect to complete each other in marriage. Neither is stupid, but neither is perfect. We both have our different flaws. Women are women. Men are men. It’s a simple fact that’s often forgotten.

What makes you super squealingly happy?
I’m not the type of person to get “squealingly” happy, but I get the fluttery, excited feeling when people come to know the Lord. It makes me happy when I see the way He’s working through me and through my prayers. It amazes me how God chooses to use me when He could do everything Himself a whole lot better. He doesn’t need me, but he wants me. That fact is breathtaking.


  1. Good make-up tip :) So often girls use it to plaster everything rather than enhance!!! I'm afraid I can't give up the coffee though...

  2. Love it Sarah!!!!! - And love what you said about women embracing their femininity and NOT trying to be male-ish. That really frustrates me too when I see girls doing that... its sad that they don't see the real beauty about being a woman!
    Thanks for this awesome interview!