12 November 2010

Bonnie Cowgirl Shirt

This Cowgirl Shirt is super comfy, and always fashionable. No matter what, cowgirl shirts always seem to be in fashion; with belts, tucked in to jeans, with boots or jandles...
"Bonnie" has a half-collar, a button-up neckline, quarter length sleeves--elasticated at the bottom to ensure no 'slip-age'!--and a beautiful and versatile length of body. 
Can be worn with leggings, jeans, and anything that suits you. Made in a beautiful steel blue and a black checked/tartan light-weight cotton material. This shirt is a size 8-10. 

My newest and latest model! She's beautiful huh? You can see the collar of the shirt well here.

As you can see it's worn with a belt--empire-line style--, leggings, and boots. 
Sorry, I had to go for the vintage look here! 

My gosh, doesn't she do the best pout? The shirt is worn with the belt again, only lower down. 
I'm not sure what I think of the background I did...what do you all think?

Last but not least, a close up on the sleeves and the actual colour.
 I've just noticed that all these pictures are vertical! Crazy...they do vary don't worry!

More NonPareil Design to come soon! 


  1. I love both of the places where the belt can be but I like it up high the most!

  2. Love this.. so cute!!!!

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