10 November 2010

And Again...!

I've been tagged again! Goodness...I must be the tag-able type or something. Bizarre...2 in one day. Only I thought I'd do this one a day later, so you didn't think I was tag-crazy or anything. I don't ask for these things, truly! They are fun though, do you all enjoy them? Here I go. This one was given to me by Dezzy, go and check her cute blog out!

1. If you could be anybody for a whole week, who would you be?
Oooh...let’s see...someone ravishingly beautiful—to see what it’s like! Arabella Tallant.

2. Have you ever had a disaster near your home and you had to evacuate? Example: Hurricane, Tornado, or fire, etc.
No, I don’t think so...if I had stayed in NZ when they had the earthquake I could’ve said: “yes! I’ve been in a natural disaster!”
But I wasn’t. That sucks.

3. If you were pregnant (lol) would you want to go ahead and find out the gender or be surprised?
Did you guys not hear the news then??? LOL LOL, just kidding. Jokes.
Heavens...if I were pregnant *pulling a face* I wouldn’t find out what the gender was.

4. If you had to choose any mythical creature to be for the rest of your life (elf, fairy, unicorn, etc) Which creature would you be? 
Probably an elf...that seems like a cool option. I don’t often think about being anything mythical, I guess it’s something that never crosses my mind, but hey! I’ll be an elf anytime.

5. What do you want to do as a life time career? (Teacher, doctor, Vet, etc.)
Customer Service Analyst, Professional Photographer, and Author.
All of the above.

6. If you were stuck on an island with no idea what to do, who would you want to be with (one person only)
Paul McGann!! Ok, that was a joke. Really.
Only one? That is so hard! I would choose all my family, but I can’t! Oh no! Right. I have got it.

7. If you had $1 million dollars, what is the first thing you would do with it?
Oh this is a good one. Can I be selfish for this?
Buy a DSLR, and lenses, buy equipment for a photography studio, make a costume and makeup studio, fly to NZ and have a holiday! Phew...that was totally selfish. I’m not sure I’d buy all those things!

8. What is the number one rule that you would have for your own house?
I don’t plan on having “my own house”! I plan on staying with my mum and dad as an old maid (it’s gonna be so much fun!) and looking after them as they get old!! Lol And Dad makes the rules...so that makes it simple.

I'm not going to tag anyone officially with this one, as I have already done the "8 questions" tag, but if you want to see my 8 questions that I asked, go and see the Beloved Star Tag down the bottom of the Fun! page and anyone can answer them if they like! 


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